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A first novel. Germaine--who has a secret hobby of rescuing young girls from predatory nobility at knife point--fears that she will be suspected of the murder and resolves to solve it". Sisters of the fire by Kim Wilkins Four years after restoring their father to the throne, five sisters seek out their individual destinies not knowing that Willow keeps a dangerous secret that could destroy everything, in the second novel of the series following Daughters of the Storm.

The silent patient by Alex Michaelides A therapist becomes dangerously obsessed with uncovering the truth about what prompted his client, an artist who refuses to speak, to murder her husband in a way that triggers mass public speculation. The smiling man by Joseph Knox A follow-up to Sirens finds damaged Manchester PD detective Aidan Waits investigating the murder of a man with no identifying marks except an unsettling smile, a case that is complicated by all-too-personal attacks. Words of radiance by Brandon Sanderson Dalinar leads the human armies into an escalating war with the Parshendi, while Shallan and Jasnah search for a mythical city to secure humanity's survival, and Kaladin struggles to master his Windrunner powers.

Moonlight scandals by Jennifer L Armentrout When a brutal attack on her friend is linked to the notorious de Vincent family, ghost hunter Rosie Herpin longs to solve the mystery of darkly seductive Devlin de Vincent who makes her wildest fantasies come true. The celebration by Wanda E Brunstetter Taking in a pair of recently orphaned children, Amish couple Lyle and Heidi organize a series of cooking classes to help their young charges adapt and make friends, an endeavor that is complicated by the private challenges of the families also attending the class.

By a New York Times best-selling author. Arkad's world by James L Cambias "Young Arkad is the only human on a distant world, on his own among beings from across the galaxy. His struggle to survive is disrupted by the arrival of three humans: an eccentric historian named Jacob, a superhuman cyborg girl called Baichi, and a mysterious ex-spy known as Ree. They seek a priceless treasure which might free Earth from alien domination.

Arkad risks everything to join them on an incredible quest halfway across the planet". Reckoning of fallen gods : A Tale of the Coven by R.

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Salvatore The god-defeating Aoelyn and Talmadge, the trader she saved at the cost of everything personal, become the defenders of their land when a fallen empire of fanatics reemerges to claim the world they believe is their own. Fast friends by Jill Mansell After a bored housewife is told by her much more exciting friends, one a TV presenter, the other a trendy bar owner, that her husband has been cheating on her, she decides to make some changes to her life.

As long as we both shall live by JoAnn Chaney "What happens when you're really, truly done making your marriage work? You can't be married to someone without sometimes wanting to bash them over the head I think she's dead! They start a search, but they aren't hopeful: no one could have survived that fall. It was a tragic accident. But Matt's first wife also died in suspicious circumstances. And when the police pull a body out of the river, they have a lot more questions for Matt.

Detectives Loren and Spengler want to know if Matt is a grieving, twice-unlucky husband or a cold-blooded murderer. They dig into the couple's lives to see what they can unearth. And they find that love's got teeth, it's got claws, and once it hitches you to a person, it's tough to rip yourself free. So what happens when you're done making it work? One day in December : a novel by Josie Silver Taking place over 10 consecutive Christmases, tells the story of Jack and Laurie, who meet at a bus stop and continue to circle each other's lives seemingly fated to be together, except not actually managing it, for a decade.

The silhouette girl by V. Andrews A woman with a thriving career in nursing begins receiving calls from a glamorous stranger who seems to know her past secrets, a situation that escalates into a wrongful murder charge. By the best-selling author of the Christopher's Diary series. Tear it down by Nicholas Petrie Peter Ash tackles two difficult cases in Memphis involving an attack on a war photographer, a homeless street musician, a stolen cache of watches, vengeful gangsters and a valuable Civil War heirloom. By the national best-selling author of The Drifter.

By the award-winning author of Whisper Hollow. By the best-selling author of Hellbent. The overnight kidnapper by Andrea Camilleri Inspector Montalbano's investigation into a series of kidnappings involving bank employees who are released unharmed hours later is complicated by an arson case, a secret affair and the discovery of a body.

Good riddance by Elinor Lipman Discarding her late mother's cherished and heavily annotated high school yearbook, Daphne is entangled in a series of absurdities when the yearbook is discovered by a busybody documentary filmmaker. The wartime sisters by Lynda Cohen Loigman Reunited after an estrangement at the beginning of World War II, two Brooklyn sisters, one an officer's wife, the other a widow and factory laborer, are shattered by the revelations of a mysterious figure from the past.

One fatal mistake by Tom Hunt When her son causes a fatal accident and flees the scene without reporting it, a single mother makes a fateful decision that irrevocably changes their lives. By the author of Killer Choice. Sea monsters : a novel by Chloe Aridjis A year-old Mexican girl runs away from home in search of a troupe of Ukrainian dwarves who escaped from the circus and ends up settling in an eccentric beach community.

We shall see the sky sparkling by Susana Aikin Joining Edwardian London's famous Imperial Theatre against the wishes of her traditionally minded father, a talented actress is forced by betrayal to flee to St. Petersburg, where she lands in exile with her revolutionary-minded lover. Restless lightning by Richard Baker After almost being court martialed, Sikander North is exiled to a remote planet in the Tzoru empire, but he soon finds himself in the middle of an alien revolt and, in fighting along with Dremish soldiers, must defy the prejudices of his superior officers. The temp by Michelle Frances Business-mogul Carrie is at the top of her game, but as an ambitious woman named Emma fills in for her as she prepares to have her baby, Carrie finds her life quickly falling apart.

An international best-seller. The Beast of Nightfall Lodge by S. Sidor When a big-game hunter offers a reward for the capture of a bloodthirsty creature in the mountains of New Mexico, Egyptologist Rom Hardy's team confronts a monstrous legend come to life. By the author of Fury From the Tomb. Dark water rising by Sharon Sala As Tropical Storm Gladys heads straight towards coastal Texas, Sam Quaid must race against time to save his ex-wife when she reaches out to him after the escape of two prisoners from a penitentiary near where she lives.

The age of light : a novel by Whitney Scharer A debut novel inspired by the life of the Vogue model-turned-renowned photographer finds Lee Miller relocating to Paris, where she becomes the muse and colleague of the mercurial Surrealist, Man Ray. Lavender blue by Donna Kauffman Still grieving over the son she lost years ago, Hannah Montgomery, the co-owner of a lavender farm, meets a widowed stonemason with whom she develops a deep friendship that could lead to something more if she is willing to take the risk.

The girl in the glass box by James Grippando Miami attorney Jack Swytech lands in the heart of a contentious immigration debate when he takes on the heart-wrenching case of an undocumented immigrant who has fled to America to safeguard family lives. I owe you one : a novel by Sophie Kinsella Struggling to hold her late father's business together in spite of her less-motivated siblings, Fixie Farr cashes in an IOU from a handsome stranger to find employment for her childhood crush. By the best-selling author of the Shopaholic series. The winner by David Baldacci Book Annotation. Chocolate cream pie murder by Joanne Fluke The filming of a television special at brokenhearted Hannah Swensen's bakery is complicated by her shifty ex, an intrusive gang of bodyguards and an untimely murder that compels her alliance with an old flame.

Historical Fiction. The last romantics : a novel by Tara Conklin A fictional poet describes the Connecticut summer when she and her siblings ran wild as the inspiration for her most iconic work. Washington Black : a novel by Esi Edugyan Unexpectedly chosen to be a family manservant, an year-old Barbados sugar-plantation slave is initiated into a world of technology and dignity before a devastating betrayal propels him throughout the world in search of his true self.

A Merciful Fate by Kendra Elliot Survivalist and FBI agent Mercy Kilpatrick discovers that she is not the only one with something to hide in her close-knit community when the remains of a man linked to a notorious heist are unearthed. Elsey come home by Susan Conley Agreeing to attend a mountain retreat with her estranged husband, an alcoholic artist living in China rediscovers herself through new friendships that help her confront the deep-rooted ghosts of her childhood. By the author of Paris Was the Place.

Where reasons end : a novel by Yiyun Li The award-winning author of Kinder Than Solitude draws on her experiences of losing a child to suicide, in a poignant tribute to the love and complexities of parent-child bonds that reimagines an urgent conversation between a mother and teenage son. At the wolf's table by Rosella Postorino Forced to risk her life every day as a taster at Hitler's secret headquarters, Rosa and a growing sisterhood of involuntary women conscripts navigate Nazi fanatics, an SS guard's unwanted attention and the escalating war.

The sky above us by Sarah Sundin Violet Lindstrom wanted to be a missionary, but for now she serves oversees in the American Red Cross, where she is drawn to Lt. Simultaneous eBook. Mary Ventura and the ninth kingdom : a story by Sylvia Plath An allegorical tale describes young Mary Ventura's train voyage to the mysterious ninth kingdom, on which she is befriended by an enigmatic woman. Gailey After her little brother's accidental death, a teenager runs away from home to live on the street until she discovers a dead drug dealer and a duffel bag full of cash and seizes the opportunity.

Strife's bane by Evie Manieri An infamous former mercenary once known as the Mongrel must return to the violent kingdom she fled in order to save the person she loves most amidst political discord and looming war, in a conclusion to The Shattered Kingdoms saga. The book of the just by Dana Chamblee Carpenter Mouse and her lover, Angelo, have been hiding from the Novus Rishi cult, but when the beings of the Martu's Dreaming send them dire prophecies, Mouse and Angelo must find a hidden cache of ancient weapons if they are defeat the forces of evil.

Horse latitudes by Morris Collins Book Annotation. The one you fight for by Roni Loren Both torn apart by a national tragedy in different ways, Taryn Landry and Shaw Miller wonder if they can ever love life again. The forgiving kind by Donna Everhart After her beloved father dies in s North Carolina, year-old water diviner Martha "Sonny" Creech must deal with a shady, bigoted neighbor who is trying to insert himself in her family's cotton-farm business.

By the author of The Education of Dixie Dupree. The whole package by Marie Harte When Naomi Starr meets former Marine Reid Griffith, who works for the veterans moving company that she does PR for, she just may have to break her rule of not mixing business with pleasure.

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Here and now and then by Mike Chen Stranded for 18 years since the s, time-traveling agent Kin Stewart, suffering from memory loss, has started a new life, but when rescuers from the year finally arrive, he must choose between his current family and the one he left behind in the future. An hour unspent by Roseanna M. White "As England plunges into war, Barclay Pearce, a thief, rescues Evelina Manning from a mugging and begins to wonder what his future holds. When her father's military invention endangers her whole family, it may just take a reformed thief to steal thetime they need to escape".

Godblind by Anna Stephens Book Annotation. A dog called Jack by Ivy Pembroke Abandoned dog Jack finds a collective family in the residents of Christmas Street—a group of people who just might need Jack as much as he needs them. The kingdom of copper by S. Chakraborty A follow-up to the USA Today best-selling The City of Brass finds a trapped Nahri reluctantly embracing her power to safeguard her tribe, while an exiled Ali accepts help from water spirits who unearth a family secret.

The coming storm by Mark Alpert In a near-future New York City ravaged by rising sea levels, superstorms and scarce resources, a genetic scientist joins forces with a genetically enhanced soldier and a Brooklyn gang kingpin to resist a government plot involving mass DNA manipulation. The Havana game by John Lutz Five thousand miles apart, Thomas Laker, a covert operative for the Gray Outfit, and his partner, NSA codebreaker Ava North, discover that their very different missions involving terrorists and the Mob are tied to one explosive plot, forcing them to play by their own rules to survive.

Seven deadly zins : a California wine country mystery by Nancy J Parra After an FDA inspector is found dead in a vat of her friend's wine at his vineyard, Taylor O'Brian works to prove his innocence, in the second novel in the mystery series following A Case of Syrah, Syrah.

A people's future of the United States : speculative fiction from 25 extraordinary writers by Victor D. Banker, Tobias S. Buckell and Omar El Akkad imagines the future of America, with the collection featuring tales of both dystopias and utopias. Crazy Cupid love by Amanda Heger In a magical rom-com, the descendants of Greek mythology must learn to live and love in a mundane world where Aphrodite's blessing can sure feel like a real pain in the quiver.

Sweet taste of revenge by Mary Ellis After a socialite is found dead on her luxury yacht, private investigator Kate Weller is hired to investigate the case, while at the same time she is trying to clear her brother, who has been convicted in a robbery homicide. Wardenclyffe by F. Paul Wilson Book Annotation. The prisoner of Limnos : a fantasy novella in the world of the five gods by Lois McMaster Bujold Frightening news sends Nikys, Penric, and Desdemona back into the hostile country of Cedonia to rescue Nikys's mother, who was taken hostage by her brother's enemies.

Dead as a door knocker by Diane Kelly When a dead body is found on the property of the house she wants to buy, real estate agent Whitney Whitaker launches her own investigation to solve this mystery before she loses her investment—and her life. With its pretty yellow flowers and lovely green leaves, the wolfsbane was as beautiful as it was deadly.

And when the par In post-World War III America, one man with a legendary reputation as a freedom fighter orders his rebels to make a brave final stand against Russian invaders in the hope of holding them off until fresh troops arrive. Returning home to Lewiston, Nebraska, after serving as a mercenary for many years, Key Lessard must save his town and the world when a diabolical neo-Nazi group forms a violent army bent on destroying anyone who has not joined their twisted regiment It could only be seen in the dead of night.

Tex Robertson

The satanic glow swirled above the old railroad tracks, pulsating with evil, flickering with the light of hell itself. And it drew the young people of Good Hope to its shimmering core like moths to a flame She was a beautiful child, a perfect child. With her blonde hair and baby doll prettiness, she was the picture of angelic innocence. Phillip Baxter pushed aside his uneasiness about his strangely self-possessed daughter. She was just an ordinary kid The town of Bury took up a piece of Idaho Territory that was still raw, untamed frontier.

It was no place for the cowardly or faint-hearted, but Smoke Jensen was neither. Nor were Stratton, Potter and Richards, the three bloodthirsty No one knew where she had come from. She was just a scrap of a girl clinging to a black cat with eerie yellow eyes. A lost child or an orphan, maybe. It was a miracle she had survived on Eden Mountain at all. Suddenly strange things began to happe Mitch Denier, a mercenary and expert assassin, attempts to stop a fanatical right-wing group's plans to murder all nine Supreme Court members It came in the dead of night -- a rhythmic creaking sound that only the children could hear.

Jackie and Johnny tried not to listen. But it called to them, whispering of evil, luring them into the darkness of the attic. With its brightly colored sa In the midst of insanity, Ben Raines and the survivors of germ warfare and nuclear war are desperately trying to obtain some semblance of normalcy, but destructive forces are after Raines, and he must fight for his life in order to help a new governm Accompanied by an elderly mountain man named Preacher, Smoke Jensen, a young boy with a thirst for vengeance, ventures westward from his Missouri farm in pursuit of the enemies that destroyed everything he has ever loved.


The unborn rested gently in a clear heavy solution, eyes closed, arms folded across the chest, feet crossed After the nuclear devastation of World War III, Ben Raines and a small group of survivors search for a haven free of radiation, but an insidious group known as the Ninth Order is plotting their demise. Only Sam and Nydia Balon, lone survivors of the ancient horror, know the signs -- the putrid stench risin In the aftermath of germ and nuclear warfare, of plague and pillage and bloody anarchy, the fate of a divided world hangs by a slender thread.

There's only a It was in the summer of that the horror surfaced in the town of Whitfield, erupting like a festering boil, spewing its corruption on everyone near it. Those who survived the terror remember it as the summer of The Digging -- the time when the ho By graduation Black Wilder has waited a long, long time to come to Whitfield. But he is no stranger to patience. A year, ten years, a hundred years. Time has no meaning for him. He just waits until the moment is right and then he emerges -- silently and unmerciful We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB.

By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement. Johnstone Book Lists William W. Book List: titles. Preacher's Rage. Preacher: The First Mountain Man - Terror of the Mountain Man. Strike of the Mountain Man. Preacher's Fury. Assault of the Mountain Man. Arizona Ambush. Blood Bond - A Lone Star Christmas. Massacre of Eagles. The McCallister Clan - Dead Before Sundown. The Last Gunfighter - Preacher's Assault. Home Invasion. Shootout of the Mountain Man. Savage Guns. Blood Valley - 3.

Slaughter of Eagles. Target Response. Dog Team - 4. Moonshine Massacre.

Live Birth of El Matador from our Texas Longhorn, Night Beauty.

Winter Kill. Preacher's Fire. Savagery of the Mountain Man. Sudden Fury. Bloodshed of Eagles. Six Ways From Sunday. Blood Valley - 2. Deadly Road To Yuma. Preacher's Pursuit. Violence of the Mountain Man. Killing Ground. Thunder of Eagles. Ambush Valley. Texas Gundown. Preacher's Showdown. Hell Town. Crusade of Eagles.

Absakara and Courage of the Mountain Man. Preacher's Quest. Betrayal of the Mountain Man. Pride of Eagles. The Devil's Legion. Border War. Invasion USA - 2. Slaughter Trail. Blood Bond - 9. American Jihad. Black Ops - 1. Savage Country. Invasion USA. Invasion USA - 1. Preacher's Fortune. Destiny of the Mountain Man.

Revenge of Eagles. Code Name: Kill Zone. Code Name - 7.

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Violent Sunday. Preacher's Journey. Wrath of the Mountain Man. The Last Rebel - 1. Destiny of Eagles. The McCallister Clan - 9. Code Name: Extreme Prejudice. Code Name - 6. No Man's Land. The Last Gunfighter - 9. Preacher's Justice. Ambush of the Mountain Man. The Burning. The Last Gunfighter - 8. Escape from the Ashes. Ashes - Quest of the Mountain Man. Code Name: Quickstrike. Code Name - 5.

The Rescue. The Last Gunfighter - 7. Preacher's Peace. Preacher: The First Mountain Man - 9. Trek of the Mountain Man. The Last Gunfighter - 6. Enemy in the Ashes. Warpath of the Mountain Man. Code Name: Coldfire. Code Name - 4. The Last Gunfighter - 5. Preacher: The First Mountain Man - 8. The Forbidden. The Last Gunfighter - 4. Destiny in the Ashes. Valor of the Mountain Man.

Code Name: Death. Code Name - 3. Ghost Valley. The Last Gunfighter - 3. Warriors from the Ashes. Justice of the Mountain Man. Code Name: Survival. Code Name - 2. Tyranny in the Ashes. The Last Gunfighter - 2. Heart of the Mountain Man. Blood of Eagles. The McCallister Clan - 8. Code Name: Payback. Code Name - 1. The Drifter. The Last Gunfighter - 1. Crisis in the Ashes. Guns of the Mountain Man. Cry of Eagles. The McCallister Clan - 7. Blood Oath. Creed of the Mountain Man. Song of Eagles. The McCallister Clan - 6. Hatred in the Ashes.

Standoff in the Ashes. Pride of the Mountain Man. Triumph in the Ashes. Battle of the Mountain Man. Rage of Eagles. The McCallister Clan - 5. From the Ashes. Ambush in the Ashes. Honor of the Mountain Man. Judgment in the Ashes. Scream of Eagles. The McCallister Clan - 4. Vengeance of the Mountain Man. Slaughter in the Ashes. Triumph of the Mountain Man. Chaos in the Ashes. Ordeal of the Mountain Man.

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Betrayal in the Ashes. Blackfoot Messiah. Preacher: The First Mountain Man - 7. Spirit of the Mountain Man. Preacher and the Mountain Caesar. Preacher: The First Mountain Man - 6. Cheyenne Challenge. Preacher: The First Mountain Man - 5. Power of the Mountain Man. Dreams of Eagles. The McCallister Clan - 2.

Talons of Eagles. The McCallister Clan - 3. Death in Snake Creek. Blood Bond - 8. Cunning of the Mountain Man. Rage of the Mountain Man. San Angelo Showdown. Blood Bond - 7. D-Day in the Ashes.

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  • Treason in the Ashes. Forty Guns West. Preacher: The First Mountain Man - 4. Fury of the Mountain Man. Eyes of Eagles. The McCallister Clan - 1. Vengeance in the Ashes. Absaroka Ambush. Preacher: The First Mountain Man - 3. Battle in the Ashes. Flames from the Ashes. Blood of the Mountain Man. Devil Creek Crossfire. Blood Bond - 5. Blood on the Divide. Preacher: The First Mountain Man - 2. Courage of the Mountain Man. The Devil's Laughter.

    Devil - 5. Terror in the Ashes. The First Mountain Man. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Rock Your Life by Rudolf Schenker ,. Lars Amend. Get A Copy. How to endure life? How to cope with disinformation? How to survive in chaos? Who to trust? Where to sail? What to write? When must a deadline meet in my mind? C with Viriathus that was the founder of Lusitania as a region with the first Portuguese settlement and the first leader of this tiny country, being Portugal , the European country who ressembles most U.

    A where having money means everything in life. I know that I organize book collections in my mind that later turn into reality like some that I've mentioned in previous posts in this same blogue with some of the best international artists ever that I know of. I also know that I write about artists, books, music and even autobiographical stories. Dialogues in printed pictures - 1st image: " freeze all motor functions", "Let's try it again", "What's real So I wondered several times this to myself:.

    The TV series mentions Utopias, the main character is named Ford named after the character Ford that's mentioned in Aldous Huxley's masterpiece " Brave new world " that thousands of readers, did read all over the world. Below, I'm posting the a pic with the Portuguese book edition that I've of this book and some info of who character Ford was in it with a research found online. Short review of him in " Brave New World". Henry Ford perfected the assembly line in the manufacture of automobiles, a concept which changed a nation as efficient mass production made ownership of things possible for the average person.

    Along with the assembly line, then came the advancement of materialism as more and more things became affordable to the average consumer. It is, therefore, a fitting way for Aldous Huxley to convey the consumership and materialism that dominate the society of the New World by having time measured in terms of Ford. In addition, with time measured by the name of a man associated with the efficient assembly line, the importance of this type of production is underscored as people are made in mass with the Bokanovsky Process which standardizes humans and generates them in massive multiples by machines: "Ninety-six identical twins working ninety-six identical machines!

    Women as source of light in LIFE. Women always were a subject that I love to write about or comunicate with, so I found interesting trying to gather info all over the years about the first woman that appeared on Earth named Lilith and that was equal to the first man that appeared also in it named Adam. Below is a bit of info about her as a myth or somebody that truly existed. Lilith as the first woman created by God along Adam. In Jewish tradition, Lilith was the original wife of Adam ; she was turned out of Eden and replaced by Eve because she refused to submit to his authority.

    Lilith slept with Adam after his expulsion from the garden and gave birth to the evil spirits; according to another story the evil spirits were born of her union with the devil. In later legend Lilith became a succubus , a demon who caused nocturnal emissions and the birth of witches and demons called lilim. She was also believed to steal and kill children, and charms were used to protect them from her. Catholic churches censored the apocryphal texts.