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And when Luce feels forsaken, both professionally and personally, she must regain trust in her most valuable investigative tool: herself. September Private Elizabeth Smythe hopes Rain will be her future, but is she truly free from her past, including her class-conscious family? By Larkin Rose. Sex is the perfect escape—until it holds you captive. Sexy stripper by night, staid corporate raider by day, Kelsey's not looking for love, only sex and power.

Then rough, tough karate champion Jordan walks into her life and dares her to risk her heart on a night of searing passion. Two women caught in an inferno of desire struggle on the brink of love while secrets from their past—and a stalker obsessed with Kelsey—threaten to destroy them. Will the fire burning between them forge a love strong enough to survive, or will the dare lead to heartbreak—or worse? I Dare You is a journey into the seething realm of obsession, lust, and desire.

What happens when you can never forget the first kiss, the first touch, the first taste of lips on skin? When the first sigh of pleasure, first glimpse of soft, smooth skin, the slide of fingers through warm, wet folds burns into your memory? What happens when you know you will remember every single detail of a mysterious woman? Emery Barrett is under doctor's orders to rest while on a three-week cruise. Dana Worthington's only plan is to improve her tan and have her passport stamped in every port.

Adventure, anonymity, and the idea that they will never see each other again propel Emery and Dana into twenty-one days of pleasure. Neither woman has any idea their vacation will be one to remember in more ways than one. But the biggest discovery awaits them when they return home. By Tina Michele. Two years after being left behind in Boston, Bree Whitely still cannot deal with the shattered pieces of the life she once had with her partner.

With encouragement from her uncle, she returns home to Asheville to rebuild her life. But it's going to take more than a change of scenery to mend her heart. Carson Harper has spent her life pursuing her career and her women. But lately, she feels that something is always missing and physical fulfillment may no longer be enough. When life wraps what she seeks within the wounded heart of another, what will she do for love knowing she could lose it all in the end?

Bree and Carson have the chance to find love if they can give up the lives they had planned for the one they were meant to live. By VK Powell. For Frankie Strong, results mean more than sticking to the rules, until she runs heart-first into Evan Spears. US Marshal Evan Spears commands a federal task force of seasoned agents who track and capture dangerous fugitives around the world. When Evan is forced to take on DEA Agent Frankie Strong, a free spirit with unorthodox methods, she sees nothing but trouble for the team, the mission, and her future.

Frankie just wants to locate the murder suspect and prove her worth, but Evan seems determined to block her. To catch the killer they must learn to work together, but their attraction blurs the lines between professional and personal. Sometimes the one you want is the one you least suspect Accountant Samantha Ennis craves order and structure.

As the bookkeeper at the boutique advertising agency she owns with her three best friends, it's her job to apply logic to the chaos. When one of those best friends, laid back Hunter Blair, moves in to share her loft apartment, Sam's carefully organized world is thrown wildly askew.

Hunter Blair's been the coolest one in the room since elementary school. Until recently, her biggest worry in the world was which of the girls in her cell phone to call on a Saturday night. But it's not long before Samantha sparks a fire in Hunter that has her questioning her old habits and longing for new ones. Isn't it a bad idea to fall for one of your best friends? Samantha and Hunter are about to find out. Soho Loft Romances.

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Lauren Daly is fed up with her dead-end job, frustrating roommates, and unhealthy love life. But when the owner, Berit Matthews, approaches her for a casual hookup, Lauren pushes her away, knowing better than to put her heart on the line for a playgirl. Berit loves her bar, her life, and the casual connections she has with the women around her.

Hadley Cooper believes in happily-ever-afters with her whole heart. Described by her friends as a wide-eyed, eternal optimist, she looks for the bright side in most any situation. Spencer Adair has a passion for fashion, but hates the fact that it rhymes. By Lisa Girolami. Power, money, and fame spell happiness—at least in the movies. Hollywood film producer Kate Nyland has it all, including her gorgeous movie star girlfriend, Hannah Corrant.

Amid the excitement of shooting multimillion dollar movies and being photographed by the ever-present paparazzi after a glimpse of Hannah, Kate is reminded continuously that her life couldn't be better. That is, until she arrives in Florida to begin shooting her next film. There she meets Dawn Brock, a beautiful, deeply spiritual artist, who sets off sparks that Kate can not allow to ignite. But just how can she quell what burns so intensely and seems impossibly unavoidable? And what will happen when Hannah arrives in town for the movie shoot? From behind-the-scenes rendezvous to center stage passions, Kate discovers that love on location doesn't always follow the script.

By Anna Larner. By Yolanda Wallace. Love doesn't always happen overnight; sometimes it takes a month of Sundays. Conservative accountant Rachel Bauer is recovering from the abrupt end of a long-term relationship when she's tossed into the dating pool against her will. Expecting to meet friends for drinks, she finds herself in the middle of a blind date with Griffin Sutton, the sexy celebrity chef with a reputation for being easy on the eyes but hard on the heart.

Rachel isn't interested in becoming the latest notch on Griffin's well-worn bedpost so she rebuffs her advances. Griffin, who hasn't met a woman she couldn't seduce, decides the best way to Rachel's reluctant heart is through her stomach. She offers to take her on a culinary trip around the world one Sunday at a time. If Rachel accepts Griffin's proposition, will she find more than a good meal?

By CF Frizzell. For lesbians in Provincetown, seductive Sable is more than just a bedroom voice on late-night radio. Through her talk show, Nightlight , she is a fun, anonymous friend and confidante, until one mysterious caller attracts her attention. If only she could have both….

The truth, like love, can be elusive, unless you're willing to fight for it. Sparks fly when two top notch attorneys battle each other in the high risk arena of the courtroom, but when a strange turn of events thrusts one of them from the role of advocate to witness, prosecutor Ryan Foster and defense attorney Brett Logan join forces in their search for the truth. Working together they quickly learn their attraction to each other is as strong as their commitment to justice, but courthouse romance is not without complications.

Throw in a murder case with bizarre twists and turns, and even the strongest attraction will be put to the test. Veteran emergency dispatcher Hillary O'Neal can handle any crisis, until she gets the call that destroys her confidence. Now she spends every shift dreading what could happen and doubting whether she'll be able to handle another tragedy.

Olivia Dennis joined the sheriff's department for the action and to fulfill the family legacy. But she could lose both when she's caught up in an internal investigation and assigned to a security desk at the communications center. Hillary knows too well the danger the officers in the field face, and the last thing she wants is to get close to one. Besides, Olivia's obviously just as broken as she is right now.

So as they get closer, she hopes their burgeoning attraction is as temporary as Olivia's desk duty. By Lee Lynch. Jaudon Vicker and Berry Garland are polar opposites yet know they are meant to be together. When the war in Vietnam, politics, police, rough times, society itself, and other women threaten to come between them, their bond grows deeper. In the safety of their secluded tree house hideaway, they learn to dream, dance—and to make love.

By Richard Compson Sater. Service before self. Excellence in all things. The U. By AJ Mars. Louise McAvoy lives an ordinary life: ordinary job, ordinary boyfriend. Inspired, Louise begins to paint again, her trademark rich abstract pieces bursting forth, and her life turns around and upside down in more ways than one.

A chance meeting leads Jennifer and Louise to form a friendship and connection that comes to a head when Jennifer asks Louise to paint her. Their connection and chemistry is something unexpected and terrifying to Louise—but if she lets it, it could be something beautiful. When a marketing firm moves into the empty office next door, the loud-music-playing, stinky-food-ordering, kickball-in-the-hall staff make Lacey crazy. Marketing expert Alicia Wright is spontaneous, flies by the seat of her pants, and lives in the moment—all the things Lacey is not.

They say opposites attract, but for how long? And is that really a good idea? By CJ Birch.

MILF lesbian loves a strong orgasm

Captain Jordan Kellow knows all too well that change only takes a moment to rip through your life. Since the moment she escaped the Burrs and her father, her life has been a series of life-altering moments. Ali Ash on the eve of her first mission in command. Her feelings for Ali have her past and future colliding, setting in motion a series of events that strands her crew in an unknown galaxy thousands of light years from home. Now Jordan must decide which moment will define her future. Is she the captain of the Persephone, in command of her ship and her life?

Is she strong enough to forgive her father for past wrongs? And most important of all, is she brave enough to fight for the woman she wants? How do you control passion when it breaks all the rules? Lark Mitchell, a physiotherapist, reluctantly agrees to work at the luxurious mansion of Sheridan Ward, head of San Antonio's largest business conglomerate, Ward Industries. Having barely escaped death, Sheridan is now confined to a wheelchair and, furious over her loss of control and powerless for the first time in her life, she makes Lark's job beyond difficult.

Despite this, Lark insists that Sheridan fight to recover, even as Lark struggles with unexpected feelings toward her employer that go against every one of her principles. A dynamic, erotic romance between two charismatic women set in the scorching hot days and humid, steamy nights of San Antonio. Greer Landon is a successful art gallery owner. She has created an empire by discovering and developing new artists. When she agrees to visit an art school in Boston, she encounters a woman, Hayden Rowe, whose paintings take her breath away.

Greer realizes Hayden is not a student, but lives in a remote wing of the school and the maddeningly frustrating headmaster is her mother. Mesmerized by Hayden and her art, Greer learns the young woman has Asperger syndrome. Hayden awakens something in Greer she didn't know she was capable of. Having suffered from a profound loneliness for most of her life, Greer develops an overshadowing love and protectiveness toward Hayden.

As she learns more about Hayden and her heartbreaking family situation, Greer is amazed at how courageous and brilliant she is. Can there be a future with a woman like this, and will Hayden, who can only put words to her emotions through her paintings, return her feelings? Gia Malone wants one thing and one thing only: to be the best surfer in the world.

Her biggest obstacle is the annoyingly perky Elle Britton. Elle Britton is tired. After tournaments, fan meet-ups, and nonstop media requests, all she wants in the world is a little peace and quiet. But with Gia Malone closing in on her ranking, she has to surf her best. When the media picks up the story of their neck and neck status, Elle finds herself forced further into the spotlight, this time alongside Gia, the knockout with the killer shred and sexy smile. But only one can win…. Advance praise from Publishers Weekly : "The stakes are high and emotions run hot In the heart of the Sunshine State, beyond the mouse ears and magic, is a city growing with art and culture.

However, in a dark room grows a plot of greed, deception, and revenge twenty years in the making. Belle Winters has made a successful life and career in art. Although she's never known a real family, she dreams of having her own someday, unfortunately not with the carefree Tara Hicks. Tara keeps herself in constant motion, from job to job and from woman to woman—a technique she has perfected to avoid the mundane grooves of life, love, and obligation. Belle moves her unlike any woman she's ever met, but is that enough? Belle and Tara struggle to break down the walls that protect their hearts, while the unforeseen consequences of a promise threaten not only priceless art but human lives.

By Holly Stratimore. Rock star Nikki Razer has worked hard to achieve her dreams and she finally has everything she ever wanted—except true love. She's ready to find someone who can love the woman she really is, not just her rock star persona. When the band comes home for a break, she sets her sights on beautiful music teacher Drew McNally. When it's time to face the music, will the price be too much to pay? By Jean Copeland. Alice never imagined that meeting co-worker Leslie would lead to an all-consuming love affair.

Their year of risk, passion, and heartache takes its toll on both women. Tired of only receiving crumbs from Leslie, Alice makes the toughest choice of her life and moves on. Although their affair is short-lived, their desire to be together never dies. Nearly forty years later, Alice returns to Connecticut after learning Leslie has suffered a stroke.

What If Dragons Were Real?

But is it too late to pick up where they left off? By Meghan O'Brien. When her best friend Ava is injured the night she is scheduled to assist with a hands-on sexual education workshop, Diana is forced to find a short term replacement. The last thing she wants is a new lover, even a paid one. So when Diana knocks on her door with a shockingly delicious favor to ask, Jude seizes the opportunity to learn more.

Their professional relationship is supposed to be a clinical erotic arrangement between a sex therapist and her assistant, but at the intersection of sex and intimacy, anything is possible. Even love. Can you fall in love in thirteen hours? It's her birthday but lonely workaholic Dana Watts is at the office late, drafting a proposal. The very last interruption she expects comes in the form of the most beautiful breasts she has ever seen.

These belong to an incredibly hot woman, who is standing in front of her, stripping to music. Laurel Stanley performs strip-o-grams to pay her way through school. She has never encountered a more ungrateful recipient than Dana. The uptight project manager makes it clear that she is furious to be distracted from her work by the gift a colleague sent and equally appalled by Laurel's occupation.

After Dana is rude and insulting, and insists on escorting Laurel from the building, the two women take an elevator ride that changes everything. Stuck with each other for thirteen long hours after the elevator breaks down, they discover how wrong first impressions can be and how right two strangers can feel together. Can everything change in less than a day? Dana and Laurel set out to discover if their passionate elevator encounter can mean more in this fast-paced, erotic story of lust, loneliness, fantasy, and desire.

Darcy Flynn, a former police officer in East Quay, works as a night guard and a private investigator. Framed for a bad shooting while on the force, she is set on finding out the truth about what happened. Sabrina Hawk, a successful accountant with an impressive client list, still suffers the aftereffects from an assault during her college years. Victim-blaming on campus was bad enough, but she loathes the authorities for mistreating her.

Darcy notices Sabrina often works late, and the elegant blonde stirs her innate protectiveness. Sabrina finds herself able to relax around Darcy. Wary of the police, she hires Darcy to investigate. To protect or serve—a choice no detective should ever be forced to make.

Lieutenant Alex Troy is caught in the paradox of her life—to hold steadfast to her professional oath or to protect the woman she loves. She has to assemble the perfect team of officers to pursue the man suspected of killing numerous coeds—and a friend of Alex's—with the poison he peddles. Keri Morgan is young, enthusiastic, and alive in ways that Alex can barely remember, and Keri has a reason of her own to want Sonny Davis dead. Before justice can be served, Alex and Keri are caught in a web of love, duty, vengeance, and desire that will change both their lives.

By Mardi Alexander. By Stevie Mikayne. Private investigator Jil Kidd is finding life too damn complicated at the moment. The P. When Jil is sent to St. Marguerite's Catholic School to investigate teachers breaking their contracts of Catholic conduct, her investigation takes a dramatic turn after a student winds up dead on campus.

To further complicate matters, circumstances keep throwing her together with the hot blond principal, Jessica Blake, at the center of her investigation. Decades-old secrets run deep through the veins of this traditional school, and Jil has to find answers to some chilling questionslike what really happened to those two boys in the old gym forty years agobefore another student pays the ultimate price.

Difficult, when all she can think about is getting Jessica into bed. She writes bad poetry to help her survive her painful existence with her husband, until she is forced to undergo a radical lifestyle change. The moment Lieutenant Alison Ash steps aboard the Persephone, she knows her life will never be the same. She will never again watch the sun rise over the asteroid belt, never again see Earth from a handheld telescope, and never again see her family.

In less than three weeks, the ship will dock at the Posterus and begin the most important journey humankind has ever undertaken. More important than discovering fire, creating language, or even abandoning Earth to live confined in biospheres among the asteroid belt over years ago. Nor does she anticipate her attraction to Captain Jordan Kellow, but both will change her life forever.

She has mastered both fine art and the art of brushing off the responsibilities of her life. When the death of her father shatters her carefree world, Lee is caught between her decisions and her desires as she struggles to preserve his life's legacy. For Morgan, the only thing more important than her family is art. Morgan has put her heart and soul into her education and her future—it's what got her to Yale and to Paris.

She can't allow anything or anyone to come between her and her dreams of success. So why is it that every time Morgan gets a handle on life a dangerously sexy and hopelessly frustrating woman from her past appears and turns her world upside down? Is that place together—or will fear, pride, and deceit destroy what they've found with each other? If you don't get lost, there's a chance you may never be found. Jenna McGovern has spent her whole life training for the stage. She's taken dance classes, voice lessons, and even earned her performance degree from one of the most prestigious musical theater programs in the nation.

At graduation, she's stunned when a chance audition lands her a prime supporting role in the hottest Broadway touring production in the country. In more exciting news, Jenna discovers acclaimed television star Adrienne Kenyon is headlining the production.

Jenna settles easily in to life on tour and has a promising career laid out in front of her, if only she plays her cards right. She's waited for this opportunity her entire life and will let nothing stand in her way. The one thing she didn't prepare for, however, was Adrienne. Her new costar is talented, beautiful, generous, and the utmost professional.

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As the two women grow closer onstage and off, they must learn how to fit each other into a demanding lifestyle full of unexpected twists and difficult decisions. But is Jenna ready to sacrifice what she's worked so hard for in exchange for a shot at something much deeper? By Kris Bryant. For the past six seasons, Tristan Stark has been chasing storms throughout the Midwest for the University of Oklahoma.

Teaching during the winters and hitting the road during the spring, Tristan has little time for herself, let alone time to have a solid relationship. Rival storm chaser Kate Brighten is just starting out and winds up riding along with Tristan for two weeks. It doesn't take long for the two to begin a tumultuous love affair on the road. But the road can't last forever and Kate isn't everything she seems. Once trust is broken, it's difficult to rebuild. Can Tristan accept Kate's secrets? Or will their love be washed away in the spring storms?

She must find a killer before there are any more casualties and keep her troubled little brother off the suspect list, all under the watchful eyes of a Chicago reporter. One look at Sheriff Ashley has her rethinking her plans. By Cass Sellars. Corporate entrepreneur Jess Ivan has everything she should ever want: a successful business, a home in the city, and a gorgeous woman on her arm. Romance is the last thing Skylar Addison has time for. But not everything is as it seems. When Skylar discovers a well-organized fraud operation, uncovering the truth means working closely with her charming new boss.

By Kimberly Cooper Griffin. Izzy Treadway has a reputation as a love guru. She knows exactly what ignites the spark for others, but she has no desire to find love herself. While researching and writing the book, Izzy finds herself falling for Jane Mendoza, the new intern at work. After seven years as the assistant manager of the Evergreen Resort and Spa, she has ideas to improve the bottom line and increase reservations.

The job is practically hers—all she needs is the paperwork. Hayley Boyd Markham is the youngest Markham, the only girl, and the most spoiled. After an embarrassing party situation, her father puts a hold on her allowance and gives her an ultimatum: Spend the winter as manager of the Evergreen Resort and Spa and show him it can turn a profit. Only then will he reconsider her future and her inheritance. A chance encounter in the woods is filled with chemistry and promise, and though neither Olivia nor Hayley is looking for love, they both feel the possibility.

Until they get to work…. By MA Binfield. Still bruised from a relationship that crashed and burned, and all the meaningless hookups that followed, Iris has given up on love and buttoned her feelings up tight. Beautiful, open, and forward, Cam is impossible to ignore, and Iris is surprised to find herself intrigued. Iris and Cam are about to discover the meaning of taking chances and following your heart, even if it means getting hurt. Cassie Miller is broke. Her parents cut off all funding when she dropped out of medical school, and graduate school is expensive.

Brook has always had a head for business. Born into a global shipping empire, she sits at the helm running it with skill and savvy. But success comes at a cost. Can Cassie and Brook deny their growing attraction and keep things professional? Or will they sidestep propriety and give in to temptation? Emma is shy, awkward, and brilliant. Dylan is fierce, charismatic, and unyielding. Their dynamic is exactly what the team needs to complete the mission, but it spells disaster for the attraction that simmers between them. Friendships will be tested, relationships strained, and one of the team may pay the ultimate price.

By Leigh Hays. Lindsey Blackwell never stops. Women always end up asking for more than she can give. When Rebekiah receives a huge inheritance, all she wants to do is get rid of it, but Lindsey has other ideas. Their professional relationship quickly turns personal when Lindsey agrees to pose for Rebekiah. With every click of the shutter, Rebekiah finds it harder and harder to keep Lindsey in focus without getting too close.

By KC Richardson. She wants to move on and move up, so a relationship is the last thing on her mind. English professor Celeste Bouchard is exactly where she wants to be teaching at Glassell University. Popular and on a first-name basis with her students, Celeste loves her job. The attraction is off the charts, but Lisa and Celeste are determined to block another shot at love. Workplace Romance Tags. Sort by Collection Order Latest.

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Flight to the Horizon. All of Me. Calendar Girl. Forced to work together, Addison and Kate discover that opposites really do attract. Stroke of Fate. Second Chance at Love. Secrets On the Clock. Jacob's Grace. The sequel to Jacob's War. Passionate Rivals. Love's Verdict. Enemies to Lovers Romance. Precipice of Doubt. International Setting.

Friends to Lovers Romance. Landing Zone. Can you handle pain? Take our quiz to reveal what levels you experience day-to-day and what you can cope Sir John Major 'conspired with Margaret Thatcher's closest aides' to ensure she wouldn't stepped down and he No Brexit is worse than no deal says Sajid Javid: Chancellor warns failing to deliver on referendum would Model friend of Boris Johnson at the centre of watchdog probe was invited to meet Prince Andrew at Boris Johnson is referred to police watchdog over friendship with model Jennifer Arcuri after she was given University of Edinburgh is accused of 'blatant racism' for hosting an equality conference where white people John Humphrys claims he's changed more nappies than most women… but doesn't think he's a good husband: JAN Revealed: More than , Britons are giving up their jobs to look after loved ones with dementia every Margaret, her lover and me: Anne Glenconner was the princess's closest confidante.

Now in her explosive Salt shakers should have a tobacco-style health warning to remind people to limit their sodium intake and Veteran BBC news presenter Harry Gration, 68, welcomes new son as his year-old wife gives birth after Another 10, officers will be given tasers in Government bid to help police protect themselves from Where to give your wallet a holiday: Sterling's taken a bashing, but there are still plenty of glorious A touching homage to Diana, not just a photo opportunity: As Harry follows in his mother's footsteps in Revealed: Meghan told entrepreneurs in Cape Town that she's determined to 'fulfil her heart's desires' and Meghan Markle's nephew is arrested 'for wandering around Hollywood while high on drugs, shouting gibberish Every cat in Britain could be microchipped under new animal welfare measures to be announced at Conservative Developers could be banned from putting gas boilers in new homes in one of several new green initiatives to Swiss firm claims it has created world's first 'guilt-free chocolate bar' with 40 per cent less natural British sausage makers claim nation's bangers are under threat from pork shortage in China that has seen But there was a confessional vibe to earlier comics that doesn't show up in your books.

Your work doesn't feel confessional to me, in that way. I'm inspired by these type of autobiographic comics, but in the end, I'm much more inspired by literature. Like the Beat poets. They are very old but their attitude is great, you know? All these artists from the '60s, '70s were very open about their mindset. That's what I find inspiring. That's why my books are big, also, because I'm more inspired from the novels more, than from the comics actually. You're doing something different in this book than your earlier work, where you have these beautiful, usually silent splash pages that pause the story.

One interesting aspect for me with new stories is always to think about, 'How can I bring this work to life? How can I materialize it? I think about which type of coloring and layout fits the best to this story. Every author or cartoonist or filmmaker is thinking about how to do that. You've always been a very good artist, but it feels like you were able to do a little more illustration, does that distinction make sense at all? I get better with the drawings all the time. But I don't do illustration anymore, because it sucks. It sucks to do jobs drawing images which other people would love to draw themselves.

Then they tell you what to do, and then they are Some artists enjoy very much to just develop a beautiful image, but I am not interested in the aesthetics that much. I am , of course, because it's part of the language. But not only to make a beautiful picture, you know? But the splash page in this book with the giant penis—I thought that was very beautiful.

It's a beautiful illustration. That's because it has a big energy for the story. You have to get this energy, so you need the beauty, of course. The beauty is in service of the story. Sometimes I do some short projects where I can experiment. Like at the moment, I'm doing a project about the Berlin Mauerpark.

It is a park in Berlin where there was the Wall, and now you have a lot of street musicians, and parties, and colorful people. And the project is to blend in the past with the present. And the pictures are quite interesting. It seems like that would be very good for comics, too. At the moment it's a serial. You can observe it at Instagram.

It's called "Ghosts on Mauerpark," and it's just a fun project to do something short on the weekends when it's too tight for to make a comic. You know, comics take a lot of time, and also concentration. It's difficult always, with the comics.

Something I wanted to ask about, specifically in the art that has always interested me about black and white comics, is the illustration of different races. It seems difficult to depict multiple races in black and white comics. Yeah, it's very difficult. It's very difficult to draw black people in black and white because any line you put in the face, it makes an expression.

And you need to add color, you have to make the face dark, but it suddenly creates a sinister atmosphere. It's just a visual problem with light and dark. The way you dealt with that I thought was very good. Kim's face was completely white at certain points when you needed to see the expressions and things like that, but it didn't feel artificial.

I'm happy that you say that, because it was a big struggle. I realized later that if I would have put only a gray tone, that would have made it more easier. Do you think? Because I've seen that before, and that feels not quite right. You know, and I've also seen very tight hatching and that just comes across as a little visually static. The way you handled it was very good, but depicting nuances of race in black and white comics has always been difficult and I think it makes covering racial nuance difficult, I think, for a lot of artists in the form.

Very, very, very, very difficult. I was afraid of the racist aspects, that there would be something wrong or that people would be upset. But people understand that this figure is not speaking for all black people in the world, but for himself as an individual. So it worked out well. I was a bit afraid because it's tricky.

I think having that space helped. If it were a 12 page story it would be very different, but you established the character. Yeah, and I was in love with him, so I hope that this comes through too. Some readers said 'oh, I hated this guy from the beginning. Was it difficult or enjoyable to get into the headspace of a very passionate young woman in that way? It's just nice to relive intense times. I didn't like to draw the violence part. I'm not good with beating and I'm not good with fighting, drawing fighting, you know?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. You have to like it. And I don't. So this cost me a lot of energy. Does the translation process take a lot of time or a lot of work? Actually the English translation is the only one which I can control. But the English one I can read and I found a lot of mistakes, because German is also a very complex language, and some words change their meaning when they are put on another spot or something. It's tricky to get the right meaning. So I had to send some corrections.

It's just fantastic, because iI feel like a, you know, like a newcomer from somewhere in the outback. And they think I'm my work is good enough? That's just cool. That's really cool. Yesterday, when Eric Reynolds was telling me, how much he likes my book, I'm just like, 'Oh my god. This guy knows so much about comics! It's funny because they started out as the young punk radicals, and now it feels like they're the mainstream. A new book by a UW professor tries to tell the story of Silicon Valley without all the hagiographies and histrionics.

And the echoes began their wings broken and glaciers wept themselves to sleep their towers fallen. We've opened the books — you can now buy sponsorships through January, Head on over to our sponsorship page if you're ready to browse what's available. Paul Park is a novelist who has written across genres, though you likely know him from his best-known A Princess of Roumania series of sci-fi novels. His latest is a collection of short stories about belief and magic.

Local author ira Jane Buxton's long-awaited new novel is about a domesticated crow who loves Cheetos. Then, the world ends all around him, and he's forced to try to make things right again. Majd Mashhawari was going to speak at Elliott Bay Book Company earlier this year, but she had visa troubles. Funny how there are so many of those lately, huh?

Chuck Klosterman definitely doesn't hurt for a platform. Klosterman has gone from a beloved magazine feature writer to a beloved writer of books to a kind of pop cultural wise man over the last couple decades. His latest is a series of thought-provoking short fictions that are written in the style of non-fiction. Even though she moved away to northern California two years ago, she knew she wanted to celebrate the launch of her new book here in town.

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  • She's celebrating her book's release with three big events starting this Saturday with a "literaoke" celebration at Massive Monkees Studio in the International District. It's exactly what it sounds like: a book party with readings and audience karaoke. I think there's something cathartic about it. It's thematically tied to the book, too. Former Possessions of the Spanish Empire is in part about what it means to be a Fillipinx-American — the historical, cultural, and geographical implications of everything that it took to get her to this place in this planet at this time.

    Lawsin, and Corina Zappia. If you have a really big moment in your life like a poetry book launch, why wouldn't you spend it with the people you most want to celebrate? Another awesomely geeky story, this time about stem cell transplants, and how the immune response between guest and host went from threat to therapy. Augmented reality!

    Smart cities! Free wifi for all! Shannon Mattern has an excellent and very readable explainer of the technology behind the buzzword, digital redlining, and the battle between financial titans to control this Next Big Thing. Also, she'll be appearing in conversation during Oyinkan Braithwaite's visit, August 2nd at the Elliott Bay Book Company starting at 7pm, where a copy of Hollow Kingdom will be raffled off. I was lucky enough to receive an advanced reader copy of The Ten Thousand Doors of January , which is an utterly enchanting debut fantasy novel by Alix E Harrow. Locke in a museum masquerading as a mansion of unusual artifacts.

    January finds a mysterious book that tells a strange and wondrous story and leads her to other worlds through magical doors. Alix E. Harrow writes beautifully and as I read it, I felt a Narnia-esque sense of wonder. I am deciding between two delicious reads the story of my life. One is Bunny by Mona Awad , which I have been very impatiently waiting for. I love a conflation of nature writing and poetry. It would be neat to try to give these years a sort of virtual hug by choosing post-its on either side! It makes me bashful to print such things, but I want to save this text forever and publishing it seemed like a decent preservation method.

    When I moved back from England 9 years ago it was sudden, awful. The stupid stupid reality of it was just my everyday, all the time. Just a week in, stunned and no idea what to do with myself, I could still tell how wonderful it was to finally live in the same city as each other again. My parents also took care of me—I was so grateful and embarrassed—I still am—above all grateful. The words in the art are what I wanted to say. View this post on Instagram 3.

    View this post on Instagram 6. View this post on Instagram 1. This column is a re-run from Too many things — work, social life, video games — get in the way. But this is how I get paid. So instead I offer encouraging words and watch while they flush their dreams down the toilet by playing Halo 46 until three in the morning or whatever. Do you have any advice for me? As I see it, there are two main motivators for taking a writing class:. Being around other writers, and getting the chance to read their work, pass judgement, and get feedback on your writing. Which means your job — as a successful writer, mentor to other writers, and gatekeeper of hopes and dreams — is to impose those artificial deadlines, give good feedback, and facilitate discussion.

    Students who are dedicated Halo drones today can develop the discipline it takes to finish a manuscript five or ten years from now. Then smile, take their money, and invest at least half in underwear lottery tickets. Herman Melville was born two-hundred years ago today. Happy birthday Herman! Have you ever noticed how great Melville was at naming?

    Moby Dick , or course. But Tyee? White Jacket? Bartleby, the Scrivener? Hey fans of meta-post-modernism! Did you know that Melville published The Confidence-Man on the day it was set? And what about that opening of Moby Dick? Supplied by a Sub-Sub-Librarian "? Better than a David Foster Wallace footnote. Happy second century, Melville. An American original, a financial failure during his life, and now, amazingly respected, and two-hundred years old.

    Every month, Olivia Waite pulls back the covers, revealing the very best in new, and classic, romance.

    Rihanna Posts Fenty Lingerie Pic & Shows Off Her Curves — See Photo – HollywoodLife

    We're extending a hand to you. Won't you take it? And if you're still not sated, there's always the archives. I like it because I love letterpress, which shows us that printed books are the result of applied geography. To print text in a press, you need to bring paper, ink, and metal type into assertive contact. It is so tempting to think of stories as nebulous mind-things, ethereal dream-pictures as fluid and untouchable as thought.

    Manuscripts written by authors are sent to New York for acquisition and editing, sent out to presses for printing with paper largely from China and Canada , collected in warehouses, then shipped to bookstores where finished volumes pause briefly on store shelves before coming to rest on the tottering nightstand stacks of hopeful readers.

    In this field of movement, New York sits on the history of American publishing like the proverbial bowling ball on the rubber sheet. For a century and longer, hopeful young writers and editors moved to New York to try and get closer to the great, beating heart of the whole system.

    For example, I am writing this two blocks away from the Algonquin Round Table—though sadly not with a properly Parkeresque martini to hand. Well, semi-predictable. For a given value of predictable. Publishing is very, very weird. Until the company got a market toehold. That in addition to tastes and trends that publishing can never perfectly anticipate, and which in earlier decades might never have had a chance to reach readers.

    Amazon was right to make self-publishing easy and accessible. We get to hear a lot more voices now than we did before. Amazon did not do this as a favor, or because it was right. It will not be satisfied with New York. Amazon fought not to pay sales tax, demanded customer information from public libraries in exchange for Kindle loans, turned South Lake Union into a gentrified faux-place, demurred to support Seattle-based charities, overloaded public transit routes, sent neighborhood rents skyrocketing, and runs a network of warehouses that are horribly both Orwellian and Dickensian.

    Even the vaunted self-publishing revolution comes with squicky parts. Scammers are gaming bestseller lists with boxed sets and ghostwriters and paid reviews, bots are offering absurd algorithm-generated prices for hard-to-find texts, and getting plagiarists and unlicensed copies of your work taken down is a fiendish stall the likes of which not even Kafka could dream up.

    Pick a title from the current IndieBound list, or use the site to find a bookstore near where you live. You can find indie bookstores that are romance-friendly on this crowdsourced map. August 17 is also Bookstore Romance Day , a day when indie bookstores and romance authors come together for mutual squee and swooning. Geography may be destiny, as the historians say—but we all know destiny is no match for true love.

    Certainly certified Rising Star Therese Beharrie is making a strong showing of doing just that, writing South African characters with local expertise and sensitivity. The reader gets the sense not just of having visited Cape Town, but of what it feels like to live there. One Day to Fall does precisely what it promises: two strangers escaping from families in crisis resolve emotional issues and fall in love during the course of a single day. The humor sucks you in and then oh no, there are so many feelings!

    She frowned. Had his eyes always been that colour? A deep brown that contrasted the lighter brown of his skin? And had he always looked so young? She was only twenty-six, but there were lines on her face. Perhaps the gods had seen into her soul and identified her as the raggedy old bitch she was. Heroine Rhiannon is smart and ambitious and makes a lot of very understandable mistakes: she clings to her trauma coping mechanisms, she is prickly and suspicious, she has real baggage imperfectly wrestled with at the start of the story. But the narrative is not interested in punishing her for these faults, the way some romcoms might be looking at you, Bridget Jones.

    Our hero, strong, steady former pro football player Samson, has plenty of wounds of his own—deep losses that still hurt and that call him to prevent other people from suffering in similar ways family members lost to CTE and ALS. Almost being the important word. And of course, this new perfect miniature gem from Cat Sebastian, loosely connected to her Turner series.

    A Little Light Mischief may be the most aptly titled novella I have ever read: if it were any fluffier, it would float right off my tablet and into the ether. You could devour the whole thing in one gulp during a night of anxious insomnia ask me how I know! The prose-to-profanity ratio, though, is gratifyingly high for such a short book: we are dealing with working characters in the Regency, women with calloused hands and frank vocabularies and few scruples when it comes to putting food on the table.

    Molly is a buxom self-described lightskirt and erstwhile thief, and I adored her. Both Alice and Molly are working for the wealthy Mrs. Wraxhall, whose eccentricities include being kind to her servants and not caring too much about their checkered pasts. The plot is better enjoyed than described, and the prose flowed so sweetly and beautifully along that at the end I was still hungry for more — this is more the amuse-bouche for a full-length novel than a meal unto itself. Alice was momentarily taken aback. Justice was in the same category as diamonds and gold—utterly unavailable to her, and therefore not worth thinking about.

    She was rather surprised that Mrs. Wraxhall still believed in it. But then again, people clung to stupid ideas long past the point of reason. She glanced at the parcel in her hands. Hope was one of them. My dad was a real estate appraiser by trade, back when that was an independent profession and not something you were supposed to take on faith from the same big realtors who were selling you the home they fixed the value of I have Opinions about real estate that go way back.

    The plot of land on a backwoods lake purchased by my great-grandfather was intended as a camping spot but too many of us got interested in improving it as a side hobby—it started with a concrete foundation, then a one-story house, then a two-story house, with wraparound deck, then a dock and beach, then a landscaped garden.

    All of this is just to say that I am definitely the target audience for this thoughtful, grounded novella about two urban planners seducing one another by describing historic architecture, apartment design, and city development. Oliver Huang and Fay Liu are both career-focused, but in distinctly different ways. The sex scenes feel juicy and lush but in a very modern way, like the kind of fashionable hand-knotted floral-patterned rug they sell for too much money at Anthropologie: somehow both cutting-edge and comforting at once.

    He sank down into the couch with his eyes closed. The boy of my dreams. And a cleft chin. Do you have a book? Summer reading should be all about stretching out, catching up, sinking in to something you might not have time for during the rest of the working year. Ditto for pure escapist fluff, too, because life is hard and death comes quick and you deserve some time for just feeling good things about made-up people. Beau Crusoe is hands-down one of the strangest historical romances I have ever read. It sticks to the ribs of the mind.

    Also toucans in the foyer, the benefits and risks of civilization, and a sincerely adorable plot moppet. But if that brings something like an Archie comic to mind, with love triangles and neatly summarized plots, you are about to have your mind blown. Little Teeth drops you into a group of anthropomorphic friends who live in a big city, and then it trusts you to figure everything out. You're not told the characters' names, or their relationships to each other. The story doesn't begin so much as continue around you on the first page. In a lot of ways, it perfectly mirrors the experience of starting at a new school in the middle of a school year, or moving to a new city and falling into a new group of friends.

    You have to figure out from context who's fucking who, who hates who, and why. But please don't interpret that to mean that Little Teeth is a lot of work. In fact, it's a delight. These characters are fun; you want to get to know them all. They're humanized skunks and cats and dogs and mice, and they're queer and poly and curious and adventurous.

    In fact, Little Teeth feels breezy and light. Frances draws with a light line, and the book's neon pink highlights give the story a summery, youthful vibe. Little Teeth in many ways has the vibe of an early Fantagraphics book — in particular, the punky in-your-face-ness of Love and Rockets.

    These are fallible, decent characters trying to make their way in a world with no adult supervision. It's better, and worse, than they ever imagined it could be. Once in a while, I take a new book with me to lunch and give it a half an hour or so to grab my attention. Lunch Date is my judgment on that speed-dating experience.

    Yes, that Sylvia Plath. Super Six , the Columbia City outpost of the Marination chain of restaurants. Positively delightful. At 11 am, after skipping breakfast, few meals perfectly sate your hunger like a Loco Moko. I'm a fan of everything that Marination does, but Super Six is my favorite of their restaurants, and while there are plenty of great meals on the menu, this is the one I keep coming back for.

    In one of the corn fields a scarecrow caught her eye, crossed staves propped aslant, and the corn husks rotting under it. The dark ragged coat wavered in the wind, empty, without substance. And below the ridiculous figure black crows were strutting to and fro, pecking for grains in the dry ground. I mean, it's a ten dollar, page book with immense font size and huge spacing between lines, so I read it all over lunch. Unfortunately, it's not good. And it's not really a surprise that it's not good: Plath wrote the story in college, so it's all full of heavy symbolism and bad writing and on-the-nose descriptions.

    It honestly feels very exploitative to read this book, and while juvenalia has its place, I wish this story had been collected with some of Plath's other work, to remind us that she eventually became a great writer. For completists only. There are all kinds of love: romantic love, a love of place, a love of art.

    But poetry we think just comes from one's journal, and it's not a crafted thing. What I mean by the word "personal" in this context is that it's deeply considered, and it's delivered with an intimacy that feels striking, as though she's in front of you, staring you in the eyes. These poems examine huge questions of history and geography and race and power, and then they bring those examinations back to a more intimate level. The book is punctuated with a series of devastating poetic investigations printed in white on a solid black background.

    And so I think that that form came out of me just being annoyed by people's questions. But then comes the inevitable reply: "I hate, hate, hate, hate — I fucking hate — the follow-up," she says. To relate the question, she adopts a coy voice: "No, I mean really where are you from? But, I mean, like where are your parents from? And it made me think, 'where is a way I can get to the truth through song or through lyric while answering these?

    So it became kind of like a call and response for myself, which was kind of cathartic. Step 1. Show up on Inauguration Night Leave your pretensions at home this time, you will not be saving anyone here. You have a bleeding heart pinned to your sleeve by a safety pin. Step 2. When you see notorious white supremacist Richard Spencer being interviewed by the news, make sure your safety pin is visible. Wait for a poor, victimized Person of Color to approach you for help.

    Step 3. Here is the hard part While Richard Spencer is talking about the Pepe the Frog pin on his lapel his face will be interviewed by a fist instead. He, all bigotry, hair gel, and bloated pride stumbles from the well-placed blow, lands on the concrete a couple yards away. Suddenly we are all the fist humiliating white supremacy at its own inauguration. In the universe of this small victory, no one is president. No cop tear gasses a restaurant without resistance and bigotry bleeds from biting its own eager tongue again.

    Someone punches Richard Spencer and hope blooms a tangible thing in me. Hundreds of miles away I breathe just a little easier. Think of how long we have been waiting. Think of you love watching us swallow when we want to spit. Pressure hosing a panther and reprimanding her when she bites. Think of how you pulled the nine inch knife out six inches, stared at the wound, and called the bleeding progress.

    Think of where you were when an islamophobe tore off her hijab on the bus, and you did not do anything. Think of the community centers that shook with death threats and you did not do anything Think of the cops that gunned a black kid into memory and you did not do anything. Step 4.


    I will not come to you for help. Take off the safety pin. Know that fascism does not arrive with a name tag,it arrives as your friend. It arrives as Richard Spencer, well-manicured and well-behaved, speaking poison into cameras spinning it acceptable. Do not allow this by any means necessary Leave your pretensions at home. Practice making a fist. This poem, originally published during that run , wears its heart and disgust on its sleeve.

    Exactly how one should approach a nazi. Seattle author Walsh has released not one but two books this year: The Walkthrough: Insider Tales from a Life in Strategy Guides , and Tailwinds Past Florence , a time-travelogue that's really a love story that's really a thriller. We're intrigued by Walsh's work. He's noted that writing these memoir-ish books came after the last major publisher of strategy guides closed , presumably leaving him free to tell stories he might not've otherwise.

    It's fascinating to think about how you might construct a story as you walk through a video game — which is itself a story — and how what you learn might translate to an original tale. Tailwinds Past Florence promises to be a compelling and twisty piece of work. It's built on the bones of reality Walsh's own globe-trotting bike trip , and the couple at the center of it were Walsh's companions from the Pyrenees to the Indian Ocean. But they're distinctly different from Walsh and his wife — not least because one of them is a time-traveler.

    Check out chapter 1 on our sponsor feature page this week only. Then pick up a copy here. Did you notice the long line of cars leaving town? It's almost August, Seattle's favorite season for campaign, beach-ing, and road-tripping. It's the perfect time to put your book in front of this city of avid readers. Grab one of the last sponsorships of the season and make sure you're in every duffel, backpack, or beach bag in the state. Last Saturday was the fourth anniversary of the launch of the award-winning Seattle Review of Books. Four years! If the site were a president, its first term would be over.

    Were it a dog — say, a Greyhound a dog I pick at random for no obvious reason — it would be thirty-three. Were it a human, it would be starting to develop a rich cognitive model of self, something to carry it forward into its kindergarten years. Anthropomorphizing a website is ridiculous, of course. We could pick plenty of four-year-old things that might portend a horrible future — but still, the exercise is interesting if we want to look outside ourselves, and think about what you could have been. It helps cast things in a different light. The past year, since my last update , has been a busy one, both for the site and behind the scenes.

    Site co-founder Paul Constant is now a published comic book writer, and his debut series Planet of the Nerds has had a wonderful reception into the world it's really good. My extracurricular activities have been less outward — I've been tinkering in the basement more on that in a minute. It has been our honor this year, as in those before, to report on the world of Seattle literature, to review books that shape and change that world, to comment, listen, and offer a platform to many who are working on so many important issues, using books as their platform.

    Thank you, as always, to the writers and columnists that are our public voice. We couldn't do it without you, and we are so honored to be where you choose to shine. To Cienna Madrid who taught us so much about maternal sexual attraction to spiders. To our reviewers, and people who pitch us ideas: thank you. It is humbling to see your talent each day. Also, there's a new face behind the scenes. Julie Yue my day-job coworker at Textio has just started helping us with some editorial work. There is no doubt you'll see her name more as we go, and we'll give her a proper introduction when the time is right, but I wanted to be sure to mention her in this note, and mark our appreciation at the start of her time with us. I'm going to take a nerdy sidebar here for a minute: in December, our CMS broke. CMS is an acronym that means "Content Management System", or, the place we put all our junk that spits out the webpages you're reading right now. Since our launch, we were publishing on a scrappy system built by a small handful of devs, called Webhook.

    It was a nicely designed system that didn't find any commercial traction, so the founders went to work for other people. The site kept plugging along until December, when a service the site relied on was deprecated and we were unable to log in and use the service. Hopefully, you didn't notice this. Right away, we started publishing manually. I went back to my roots for this, and since then we strung together a temporary solution using Airtable , Github, and a few other handy services combined with old-fashioned hand edited HTML.

    It's still a manual process, but a manageable one. When we launch the new version later this year, I'll explain more about what we did and why, but it's taking a while because we're addressing some issues with the way we structured data originally, and trying to make the site more friendly, more usable, and more extensible. We're taking the opportunity to build it better.