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The circumstances that led to the composition of these discourses have doubtless given to them a special character. They were addressed to young men preparing for the ministry by those who occupied the position of their daily instructors; they are not sermons for the masses, but designed solely for believers.

They are adapted to the needs of young men at the critical period of life, to young men who are destined to be leaders in the world of thought and action. The life of a great university is a world by itself. The door of matriculation opens before the youth a new world, rich in opportunities and advantages, yet presenting peculiar temptations and perils. At this transition stage in his career, when the student finds that the faiths of his childhood are attacked on every side and there is danger of schism between his reason and his heart, how opportune it is for him to be furnished with the light and guidance of such discourses as these!

The professors take up those questions of the day that agitate theological circles in both hemispheres and deal with them in a masterly way.

In the sermons on the 'Promise of the Spirit' and 'Incarnate Truth' we are presented with a clear statement of the Princeton position concerning the inerrancy of the Scriptures. Such statements as we find set forth in some other theological seminaries find no sympathy with the Princeton professors; not only so, but they are shown to be utterly without foundation. How can we identify the life and labors of one called by God to serve in the church of Jesus Christ? To address these questions, Rob Ventura and Jeremy Walker examine how the apostle Paul describes his pastoral relation to the people of God in Colossians - By discussing these essential attitudes, qualities, and characteristics of a faithful minister of Christ, A Portrait of Paul provides gospel ministers an example of what they should be, and demonstrates for churches the kind of pastors they will seek if they desire men after God's own heart.

This book is built upon careful exegesis, proper interpretation, penetrating insight, and challenging application. Herein is profiled the kind of minister every church so desperately needs and what every true minister should desire to become. The theology is pure and the language is as powerful as it is beautiful. I pray that every pastor and congregant might take up this book and read it.

I will refer to it often. It will serve as a great antidote against all that might cause my heart to stray from Christ's call. His unrelenting faithfulness in the worst kinds of trials is a remarkable example to every pastor and missionary. In the midst of suffering, hardship, and in the end the abandonment of his own friends and fellow workers, Paul remained steadfast, dynamic, and utterly devoted to Christ.

1. Preaching is a wonderful privilege.

This invaluable study of Paul's life from Rob Ventura and Jeremy Walker is a wonderful, powerful, soul-stirring examination of Paul's self-sacrifice and his unfaltering service to the church. It will both motivate and encourage you, especially if you're facing trials, opposition, or discouragement in your service for Christ. The Joy of Paul's Ministry 2. The Focus of Paul's Ministry 3. The Hardships of Paul's Ministry 4. The Origin of Paul's Ministry 5. The Essence of Paul's Ministry 6. The Subject of Paul's Ministry 7.

The Goal of Paul's Ministry 8. The Strength of Paul's Ministry 9. The Conflict of Paul's Ministry This biography ought to be read by everyone training for Christian ministry, and for everyone presently serving in Christian ministry. James A. The three years at Princeton were a great experience for the young man from South Carolina. At that time Princeton was in her glory with such stalwart intellectual and spiritual giants as Dr. Green, Dr.

Caspar W. Hodge, Dr. Patton, Dr. The piety of the slim young Southerner brought to him the nickname "The Saint," which after years proved to have been well placed.

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Writing forty-five years afterwards, one of his seminary friends said, "I always felt that he was a modern St. Francis of Assisi. His Christlike spirit and his untiring devotion to his Master in the service of His children have been an inspiration to me always. After serving his beloved Savior in his beloved city of Birmingham for more than fifty years he lay on his death bed and his son James overheard him say, "So many people," and thinking he was referring to the large number of people crowded into the room, asked his father if he wanted them to leave. The church and all those in the ranks of her ministry have wrestled with these words ever since.

In this book he seeks to take you along with him as he shares the glorious gospel with an incredible diversity of people. This is not a book for the faint of heart, but it is a book for those genuinely seeking to understand and obey Paul's words to Timothy. Take up and read!

Let God's people read this volume with gospel-believing gladness and with humble delight in observing how God uses faithful witnesses to speak His gospel to the lost so that the Spirit of grace may grant new birth! The Word of God tells us that Jesus went about 'doing good' Acts and we also know from Scripture that Jesus relentlessly devoted Himself to preaching all over Israel Luke ; May we read 'Cross Encounters' with a prayerful heart, a captivated spirit, a lowly gladness, and a renewed resolve, all shrouded with an indomitable confidence in the absolute sovereignty of God to save sinners through the faithful telling of the gospel.

And in the end, let us faithfully proclaim Christ and Him crucified 1 Corinthians and fervently pray that the Word of the Lord will spread rapidly and be glorified 2 Thessalonians To God be the glory. Louis "Tony Miano's book, 'Cross Encounters' is a gripping account of actual conversations between a gospel-pleading evangelist and those who desperately need to hear the good news that Jesus saves.

Knowing myself personally about his ministry of open air preaching, I am genuinely thankful for Tony--and others like him--who stand boldly on the front lines of the world's hostile unbelief, and yet who remain, as Christian preachers, steadfastly unafraid to lovingly proclaim salvation by faith alone in Christ. Would to God that there were many more like Tony who risk inevitable ridicule for their faith and soon perhaps even strong persecution for their very public testimony. They simply do this in the hopes of seeing sinners bow their knees in humble adoration to God the Father for the gift of His Son!

I therefore encourage you, if indeed you are already a Christian, to scrutinize this volume and see for yourself how important and vital evangelism truly is to our decadent and dying culture. If you are not a Christian however, I nevertheless implore you to embark upon a careful reading of this book's many personal experiences of Tony's witnessing to others, and I earnestly pray that you may stake your own eternal destiny solely on the Lord Jesus Christ, personally encountering His glorious cross.

He provides real life examples from a real life evangelist regarding real life evangelism encounters. Miano is not someone who speaks primarily to professed Christians inside church meeting houses, but is someone who has spent many years proclaiming good news to the lost in the open air. This volume provides just a taste of those many Gospel encounters. From the aspiring evangelist desiring to know how, to the veteran preacher who needs encouragement, this book will be a blessing.

Here, a man leaves his footprints in the poorly traveled path of guts-and-grit evangelism, in the hopes that others follow. They should. It is an invaluable blueprint for public evangelism, and a captivating clarion for those still in darkness who need to know that others before them, ensnared in the same trap, have been delivered from captivity and death by a gracious, merciful and loving Emancipator, the sinless and holy and righteous King who is a friend of sinners, Jesus the Christ.

Tony Miano's new book carefully elucidates the necessity of evangelism and adjures his readers to yield and obey the indispensable command of Matthew Miano provides innumerable illustrations and personal anecdotes of more than a decade of evangelistic ventures that are analogous to Ichabod Spencer's historical classic, 'Pastor's Sketches. Sonny L. If you are looking for practical ways to do the work of an evangelist and how to engage people in gospel conversations, then this book is for you.

Anyone considering the somewhat fearful task of wading into the unknown waters of evangelistic outreach will be inspired, instructed, and motivated to plunge right in and see what God will choose to do. You will love this book! Martin taught Pastoral Theology in the Trinity Ministerial Academy, a church-based ministerial training institution.

Every Friday throughout the academic year, all the students would gather for two hours of teaching presented in a four-year cycle. Subsequently various series of the audiotapes were widely circulated. Many expressed their desire to see these lectures printed. As an intermediate step in responding to that desire, the Trinity Baptist Church eldership decided to encourage Pastor Martin to rework the original lectures and deliver them one? The transcriptions of these DVD lectures constituted the basis for the?

Within these lectures there are very few issues faced by the ordinary pastor that are not addressed in one way or another. These addresses not only set my ministry on a biblical course but actually saved my ministry and my sanity more times than I can count. Al Martin poured a lifetime of study into lectures on the pastor and preaching. He delivered them annually to his Academy of theological students who met at the meeting place of his congregation in Montville, New Jersey.

May these volumes do much good all over the globe to assist the renewal of awakening ministries. It is, therefore, a great joy for me that Pastor Martin has reworked this material in his senior years and that now these highly esteemed lectures are finally appearing in book form. A good preacher gives to others the overflow of what he himself has taken in from God's Word. Effective preaching is from heart to heart, as suggested by the subtitle of Joel Beeke's Reformed Preaching.

Preaching is more than simply a verbal book report; it is a God-ordained means of bringing God's truth to bear on the hearts and in the experience of the hearers. Beeke effectively underscores this powerful function of preaching both with models from past preachers and clear instructions for modern preachers.

Beeke's passion for experiential preaching is obvious, exposing his heart to ours. It's a joyful answer to prayer to see his lectures now in print for the benefit of thousands more preachers of the gospel. To accept his invitation is to discover what it means for a sermon to offer both light and heat, and to learn how to preach the gospel as food for the hungry rather than as dessert for the deserving. In Reformed Preaching, Beeke introduces favorite figures from church history to form a composite picture of the experiential expositor.

Even experienced expositors will find much to learn in this book from both the author and his friends. Joel Beeke convincingly shows that Reformed preaching is doctrinally sound, profoundly personal, and effectively practical. Far from being a contemporary model, this work presents the preaching of the Reformation, which encompasses head, heart, and hands, as the enduring way to proclaim Scripture. This is a very foundational understanding of the Reformation impact on the history of the church.

Appended to the volume is a sermon Stalker preached at an Ordination Service in It was Alexander Whyte who encouraged the publication of that sermon when it was first delivered. After an Introductory Lecture, Stalker then divides his subject into four lectures using the Old Testament Prophets as examples, and then four lectures on the New Testament Apostles.

As with all of Stalker's works there is both light and heat upon every page. Taylor William Taylor was one of the very few men asked to deliver a second set of lectures at the Yale Lectures on Preaching. These were delivered in and were published, upon great demand, early the next year. In his own words: "My aim has simply been to put the preachers in the environment of their times, to bring out the characteristics by which they were distinguished, and to give point to such lessons from their work as may be useful in our own age.

Very rare! Alexander Joseph Addison Alexander Twenty-one complete sermons from Joseph Addison Alexander , the brilliant and godly giant from Old Princeton, are here published for the first time in more than a century. These sermons are hissing hot! Charles Hodge said of his colleague, "In the death of Joseph Addison Alexander we have lost our great glory and defense. Permit me to express my own individual convictions.

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I regard Dr. Joseph Addison Alexander as incomparably the greatest man I ever knew--as incomparably the greatest man our church has ever produced. His thorough orthodoxy, his fervent piety, humility, faithfulness in the discharge of his duties, and reverence for the Word of God, consecrated all his other gifts. He glorified the Word of God in the sight of his pupils beyond what any man I ever saw had the power of doing. Alexander" Introduction by Dr.

David B. This volume of his sermons gives a glimpse into the heart of a true shepherd. Such a shepherd was J. Charles Hodge said of him, "No minister in our Church was a more accomplished scholar. But the pulpit was his appropriate sphere. While he was not the first of all orators to hear on rare occasions, he was the first of preachers to sit under, month after month and year after year.

Years later, toward the end of his fruitful life, he was asked to produce a volume of sermons that could be read within the Christian family that would set forth the basics of the Evangelical Faith, After wrestling with this proposition for some time, and having sought to fulfill the publishers wishes, he finally decided to gather together sermons he had preached over his ministry and place them in the simplest terms possible. Hear his own words: "These sermons contain what the author believes to be evangelical truth, in the exhibition of which, his aim has been to render the gospel perspicuous to persons of common understanding.

He has, therefore, adopted a style as plain and simple as he could. The sermons are short, and on an average, may be read in fifteen or twenty minutes. And as this is probably the author's last literary work, it is his earnest desire and prayer, that it may be useful in promoting evangelical and experimental religion when his head shall lie beneath the clods of the valley! He invites other Christians to unite with him in this prayer, for the success of the volume now given to the Christian community.

Theodore Woolsey called him, "The Shakespeare of the Christian heart. Archibald Alexander is the greatest man who walks the earth. Sherwood The author of "A Pastor's Sketches" comes to life in Volume One, which is a hardcover edition of his life and practical sermons. Sherwood, from the Biography in Volume One "The reading of good sermons is the most underrated kind of Christian literature on the market today. No man better understood the bible, or the human heart both in its un-renewed and its regenerate state.

Like a most skilful physician, he explains, with singular ability, the nature of the disease, lays down the symptoms of it, and prescribes the method of recovery. Many in his day could echo the words of his very close friend William Carey , 'I loved him. It is very plain, very pious, and very practical.

There is a simplicity, a naturalness, and a familiarity, which renders it peculiarly delightful reading, and makes us almost fancy ourselves enjoying the conversation of its venerable author. Boardman etc. Originally published in , by the American Baptist Publication Society. Weston, D. The marked excellence of the Lectures, as expositions of the truths which are embodied and exhibited in the precious ordinances of the gospel, and of the views which are held by the members of the 'Baptized Churches,' as they were originally called; their broad and thorough survey of the topics brought under discussion; and the genial spirit of true Christian courtesy which breathes through them, give promise of a wide usefulness.

Hence they are committed to the press, in the earnest hope that the Lord will use them as a means of advancing his own truth and of promoting that object so dear to the Lord, and to all who walk in fellowship with him; the full, and joyous union of his people in that truth. Three cheers for the publisher! His commentaries on Paul's epistles are valued highly by careful expositors.

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Martin "It is humbly hoped that the volume may be useful in giving ordinary readers a juster and fuller conception of the creed and preaching, the life and work, of the great apostle of the Gentiles, who, amidst all diversities of place, time, audience, and immediate theme, made it his constant business to preach Christ crucified.

May we know Him to be 'the power of God' and the 'wisdom of God,' and experience that change of heart which is only effected by such a manifestation of His truth and glory as He vouchsafed to Saul of Tarsus. McIlvaine Dr. Highly recommended! A clear-thinking, intellectually rigorous Episcopalian, he exemplified the deep emotional currents of revival and rebirth, of the 'conviction of sin,' of the need to be born again into new life.

An aristocrat by birth and bearing and a bishop by consecration of the Episcopal Church, he knew himself to be a common sinner in God's sight, as much in need of rescue as the folk to whom he ministered. There has been a distinct demand for a book of practical sermons, suitable for reading in the public worship of God when conducted by ruling elders of the church. But in addition to this motive, it has seemed very desirable to put in permanent form some examples of the work of our Southern Presbyterian pulpit, which is, we are confident, second to none in eloquence, dotrinal purity, persuasiveness, and practical power.

A careful examination of the several discourses reveals their strength, beauty, fervor and wonderfully evangelical spirit and soundness. You'll find sermons that speak to the heart in 'Southern Presbyterian Pulpit. They were truly 'Preachers with Power. Willborn PhD Some of the more familiar names included are B. Dabney, but the remaining 28 men were all men committed to an authoritative Bible and an expository pulpit ministry. It will surely be treasured. Murray "Precious Seed contains sermons by the 'hall of fame' of Scottish preachers on the most glorious themes of the gospel.

Here is preaching at its apex - the best preachers presenting their best sermons on the best subjects! Beeke "The very titles of the sermons in this book awaken our 21st century evangelical mindset to an older, deeper, better world of preaching. The list of preachers itself reads like an awe-inspiring roll call of God-given preachers in whose ministires man was small and sinful, God infinitely great, and his gospel inexpressibly glorious. Yes, these sermons belong to a past age. But they were preached by men who understood their own times and what true preaching can be. Here is a volume to nourish the heart of serious Christians and to make the church long to be taught again from the mouth of God.

Are you kidding me? This is the pantheon of 19th century Scottish evangelicalism. Take it and read. Nothing more needs be said to commend the book than to mention the names of those whose sermons are included. Every sermon hits the mark and addresses themes that have moved the church throughout the ages.

H Moncrief Wellwood, Rev. Lawson "Through an introductory study of John Calvin's preaching, Steve Lawson provides a practical Homiletics 1 refresher course that can be read in one evening, but should be read annually for lifelong impact. Factual yet stimulating, simple yet penetrating, 'The Expository Genius of John Calvin' contains many scriptural and theocentric golden nuggets and hands-on practical tips for beginning expositors and seasoned preachers alike.

May God use it to revitalize Christ-centered and Spirit-empowered applicatory preaching in our day. Beeke "Preachers reading this book will be moved to take to heart Calvin's encompassion belief in the sovereignty of God's Word - as to its total sufficiency and massive potency. Further, they will be inspired to pursue the deep, enriching paths of lectio continua. This is a beautifully written, powerful, and convincing book. It is a must read for all who aspire to preach the word.

Kent Hughes "In this book, Dr. Steve Lawson has masterfully presented us with thirty-two keynotes that made Calvin the best preacher of the Reformation, all of them centered around the Word of God preached expositorily. I would make this book recommended reading in courses such as homiletics and missions for any serious pastor and student. No one reading this volume can fail to appreciate the debt we owe the 'Genevan Reformer.

A magnificent achievement. Scott Clark Geerhardus Vos was an American, Reformed theologian and one of the most distinguished representatives of the Princeton Theology. He is sometimes called the father of Reformed Biblical Theology. Vos moved and joined the faculty of the Princeton Theological Seminary, where he became its first Professor of Biblical Theology. At Princeton, he taught alongside J.

Gresham Machen and B. These sermons were preached at the chapel of Princeton Seminary and first published in These are not mere outlines or sketches of sermons, but are full manuscripts of the addresses delivered by the revered professor before his students and fellow faculty members. John Murray said of him, "Dr. Vos is, in my judgment, the most penetrating exegete it has been my privilege to know, and I believe, the most incisive exegete that has appeared in the English-speaking world in this century.

Let him take you by the hand, as it were, to the text and through the text of Scripture, to the Word incarnate. Scott Clark, from the New Introduction "Often more respected than understood, Vos continues to fascinate and enthrall. These sermons reveal the penetrating exegetical insights of some of the most fascinating and powerful sermons ever preached.

A century later, they continue to make us gasp in wonder and admiration, driving to read and then re-read these lines to behold the treasure that lies beneath the surface. Thomas "In the words of F. Bruce on the cover of The Pauline Eschatology, these sermons, too, are ' Gaffin, Jr. Translated to the realm of glory itself through the proclamation of the accomplished work of our covenant Lord, and by the gift of His Spirit, we partake of unparalleled communion with God and possess Him as our highest treasure presently in Christ as our covenant God.

Short of the consummation we have made His glory and joy in His people our chief end in this pilgrim life. In his first sermon, "The Wonderful Tree," Vos sets the theme of his entire collection of sermons, the gift of Jehovah to His creatures to be their delight and personal possession through the covenant.

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In "Heavenly-Mindedness," Vos explicates the nature of true faith as that which lays hold of God Himself in glory, living in the hope of the eternal life of God in the city of God by resurrection. While Vos is perhaps lesser known as a preacher, here in 'Grace and Glory' we get a taste of what one dear saintly lady described as spiritual 'blueberry cheesecake.

It is a tool that can be used by every Pastor, Teacher and Parent as they seek to bring windows of light into their lessons. You will marvel at the riches contained within the pages of this volume. Most anecdotal volumes are packed with shallow theology, but this one contains great anecdotes that are dipped in the riches of Reformed theology. I recommend it wholeheartedly. In the course of reading New Testament Scripture in a family or school, the parent or teacher is furnished, in the present work, with an anecdote or two, under each chapter, by relating which, he may fix and enliven the attention of his children or pupils, and, at the same time, by agreeable associations, impress the passages illustrated more deeply on their youthful recollections.

The publication, though chiefly intended for the benefit of the young, may not, however, be uninteresting to more advanced readers. The author is sensible that the anecdotes are not all of equally direct bearing on ths passages to which they are applied. This in any case could not reasonably be expected, and more particularly as the compiler has been precluded from the use of upwards of five hundred anecdotes in the enlarged editions of his work illustrative of the Assembly's Shorter Catechism, most of which would have suited this volume, but which it was deemed improper to admit.

Ii, ver. The wife, weeping for her butchered hushand, and embracing her helpless children, was pierced with them, and perished by the same stroke. In vain did flight save from the first assault. Destruction was everywhere let loose, aud met the hunted victims at every turn.

They were stripped of their very clothes, and turned out naked and defenceless in all the rigors of winter. The feeble age of children, the tender sex of women, soon sunk under the multiplied rigors of cold and hunger. Here the hushand, bidding a final adieu to his expiring family, envied them that fate which he himself expected so soon to share!

There the son, having long supported his aged parent, with reluctance obeyed his last command, and abandoning him in his uttermost distress, reserved himself to the hopes of avenging that death which all his efforts could not prevent or delay. Iii, ver. Who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come? Whitefield, who took the above passage for his text: "Mr. Whitefield," said the young man,"described the Sadducean character; this did not touch me, I thought myself as good a Christian as any man in England.

From this he went to that of the Pharisees. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Pastoral theology: A t Other editions. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Pastoral theology by Patrick Fairbairn. Pastoral theology: A treatise on the office and duties of the Christian pastor by Patrick Fairbairn. This is a reproduction of a book published before This book may have occasional imperfections such as missing or blurred pages, poor pictures, errant marks, etc.

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