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However, this is not what usually happens during the early stages of divorce. In the initial phase of most marital break ups, emotions often hinder the participants' ability to be reasonable. In addition, it is also very common for only one partner to be ready to divorce.

He or she wishes to begin settlement negotiations, and the other party wishes to work on saving the marriage. This difference in motivation tends to stymie the chances of mediation's success. It is extremely difficult to negotiate a price with someone who is dead set against buying the item at any cost. The mediation clients with whom we have had successful results during the initial stages of divorce are the exceptions to the general rule.

These are the extremely reasonable people with workable factual situations who are highly motivated to reach a cooperative divorce. Our role as mediator usually involves only minimal guidance to assure the couple that their settlement proposals cover all the bases and do not omit any items of importance. Many people see mediation as an end-all, attorney-free process. However, in most instances, those with a mediated settlement still have to hire at least one attorney to process the divorce through the legal system.

In addition, mediators are trained to recommend to both parties that they consult with their own attorneys before formalizing any agreement reached in mediation. Divorce mediation is not for every couple, and it is not for every situation. However, it has no down-side and can help people save time, energy, and expense, not to mention wear and tear on the family unit. Richard Kulerski and Kari L. You may find them at www. Follow J. Or waiting around for the courts to say when you can come in. Taking as little or as much time as you need to resolve all of the issues necessary.

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Courts love mediated divorces. Because all issues are already resolved, couples can usually get their divorce finalized in a matter of weeks. So ask yourself: Do you want your divorce process to take two to three years or two to three months? Fact: Mediation is less expensive than litigation or an attorney-driven divorce. By the time things wrap up, you could be looking at tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars more to get your divorce. With mediation, both spouses will work with one mediator who is dedicated to helping them both reach a resolution as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Or, better yet, you might find a mediator who offers a flat-fee so you can know up-front exactly what your mediation will cost from start to finish. All communication is done in real-time, between all parties and out of court. Allowing you to resolve issues faster thus keeping costs in check. Sending them off to make decisions that will impact you and your children for the rest of your lives.

In mediation, you and your spouse are in complete control of your future. And make decisions that are in your mutual best interests and the best interests of your children. One of you might get what you want by sheer brute force. While the other will be resentful that they gave in. In the first option, you and your spouse use attorneys who, by default, are overbearing in nature. Doing so allows you to come to an agreement that reflects your unique wants and needs and the needs of your children. Covering the issues that are important to both of you.

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But mediation can also go a long way toward getting you an agreement you can actually use. In mediation, you will discuss, agree on and have the mediator draft a document that covers all necessary issues such as child support and how you will divide a K plan. And language can be included in your agreement to cover all of these things. Unlike the traditional process, mediation can help you discuss, decide on and plan for every type of situation — now and in the future.

And the people in there? Hustling from room-to-room and case-to-case, shouting as they go. And your goals for the future. Doing so allows your mediator to understand what matters most to each of you and your family. And to suggest options that may be applicable in your unique situation. On the other hand, mediation allows you, your spouse and the mediator to select a day and time that works for all of you.

In addition to the scheduling flexibility, some mediators also offer online divorce mediation services for location flexibility. Or perhaps you and your spouse live or work far apart geographically and the logistics of being in the same place at the same time are all but impossible. Most people forget that court is a public forum. Anyone, and I mean anyone , can sit in the back of a courtroom and watch the proceedings unfold in your divorce case. Making all conversations privileged and confidential except under extraordinary circumstances. You can feel comfortable and free to discuss almost anything during mediation sessions.

So unless you enjoy putting on a show for the entire world to see, choose the private and confidential process of mediation. If you want a high quality mediation that is peaceful, cost-effective and results in a fair and thorough agreement while receiving personalized divorce support from a compassionate team of professionals, choose Equitable Mediation.

An Overview of Mediation

Mediate with us instead. The articles in this blog are for informational purposes only and are not intended as legal advice, financial advice, emotional advice or counsel. Book an initial meeting for you and your spouse to get started!

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  • You can work with us if you or your spouse lives in any of these states:. How to Choose a Mediator. Lawyer vs. Collaborative Divorce vs. Mediation: What's The Difference?

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    Search this site on Google. Read our divorce blog for practical guidance and to learn more about our divorce mediation services. Share this post:. How you move through - and eventually beyond a divorce is your choice. Divorce mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process that enables divorcing couples to resolve their divorce issues out of court. No other divorce option comes close to offering the advantages that mediation provides.

    Here are all the benefits of mediating your divorce. In divorce, no one wins. But how you move through - and eventually beyond a divorce is your choice. How can you approach your divorce from a saner and more informed standpoint to make your split easier on you and your family? Divorce is final. Oftentimes close friends and family members may push couples towards a split, though dealing with underlying issues may be enough to repair a relationship and save a marriage. Communication or financial struggles may seem devastating, but if you approach your difficulties head on and work with professionals towards finding a resolution, you may rediscover the foundation of love and respect that your relationship was built upon.

    Maintaining mutual respect with your soon-to-be ex may be a challenge depending upon the circumstances of your split. However, a lengthy court battle will likely result in additional financial, emotional and physical strain, so consider the ramifications before proceeding. If at all possible, try to enter the divorce process with mutual respect and a shared desire to remain civil throughout.

    Attorney Steve's Top Tips for Mediation Success!

    Though this may be challenging, it will save you and your children from additional unnecessary stressors throughout the proceedings.