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Being empowered to let go of my anxiety or self-criticism as a wealthy white woman is certainly helpful to me, and I appreciate that message from Hollis on a certain level. In one anecdote about the power of setting goals, Hollis recounts her obsession with buying a Louis Vuitton Speedy bag, which cost a thousand dollars.

And she takes that brand of feminism a step further by marrying it with Christianity, in what is essentially a Pinterest-worthy version of the prosperity gospel. This attitude has a historical context in the Pentecostal religious tradition in which Hollis was raised. Pentecostalism has always been the slightly embarrassing uncle at the evangelical family reunion — its unfiltered and emotional expressions of faith can make it look a little unseemly to outsiders.

A patina of racial diversity has been another hallmark of Pentecostalism, although during the civil rights era, racism from white leaders of the church caused a division that lasted through the s, and well into today in some parts of the country. In the United States, the movement gained momentum in the early days of the 20th century with several well-known revivals, the most famous of which was the Azusa Street Revival in , led by a black preacher named William Seymour.

And as far back as the Azusa Street Revival, white Pentecostals displayed a religious version of black cultural appropriation. Interestingly, this kind of appropriation echoes throughout Girl, Wash Your Face. The trouble with, and the appeal of, curated imperfection is the assumption that all imperfections lie in the past — they have supposedly been understood, integrated, and learned from in order to create a present that is blissfully free from earlier mistakes. Since , research has shown that 95 to 98 percent of attempts to lose weight fail and that two-thirds of dieters gain back more than they lost.

She imbues fatness with the shame of moral failure and demeans women who struggle to — or do not want to — lose weight. Hollis and her husband went through a difficult time before adopting their daughter Noah, now about a year and a half old, in They signed up to be foster-to-adopt parents, and Hollis talks throughout the book about their wrenching experience with the adoption process.

It was in the middle of these tumultuous few years, full of long days spent in survival mode, that Hollis started drinking more. But she has little to no empathy for the birth parents or family of the children she and her husband thought they would permanently adopt. When Hollis recounts waiting for the birth parents of one child to show up, her attitude of superiority and willful ignorance is almost breathtaking:.

But at night, when no one is looking, you drink, and when it gets really bad, you take a Xanax, too. Despite its undeniable popularity, Girl, Wash Your Face has not been met with universal acclaim. Those that have been beaten, verbally abused, raped, or shot at?

What about those forging their way through life in male-dominated careers instead of party planning? This book is all about YOU … Jesus offers us true joy and peace, but only after we realize that we are not the center of our own lives and we are no longer in charge. We can't yet talk about some of the other Emp material planned for later in the year, but rest assured that more is in the pipeline.

A hint for Empowered readers: Sistah Spooky and a certain hellishly blonde high school are involved.

One more thing, before I forget: Empowered is currently being serialized as a webcomic over at empoweredcomic. Note that each and every page of the webcomic version boasts extensive—if not exhaustive! Check it out! Warren has done a lot of talking up to now, so let's turn our eye on artist Karla Diaz. Jumping on board a long-running property like Empowered as a "guest artist" has its own challenges: how do you express yourself artistically?

How do you do so while remaining true to the look and feel of Warren's world? But yes, it was very challenging, trying to keep the Empowered vibe while at the same time trying to do things my own way artistically. And now, thinking about it, I believe Empowered was a perfect comic for me to work on, because I really love the sense of humor Adam puts in his scripts along with tons of action and sexiness, and the characters are very expressive to work with.

So, kudos for Adam for having such a good eye on finding an artist who could fit in.

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Also, I felt really honored he trusted me to work on Empowered. I mainly chose this path because I wanted to have the freedom to tell my own stories the way I wanted, and webcomics have been the perfect place to do just that.

Dark Horse Comics

Three of my webcomic series are currently available online. The first one is Coffee Shop , which is a now-completed story that tells the tale of a romantically troubled boy and the very special coffee shop where he finds love. I self-published it here in Chile entirely on my own, and will soon be publishing an English-language version as well. You can read it online here. My second series is CuteSins , which tells the story of the Seven Deadly Sins incarnated as cute girls and sent to Earth to cause disaster and mayhem, but find themselves unable to cope with an already sinful humanity!

I wanted to try out the Korean digital-comic format of Webtoon, so the series is rendered in full color and designed made to be read online. You can read it here. Do people still have major challenges even when they are with their soulmate? What does being a SoulFul Couple mean to you? Do you have certain agreements with each other for arguments? Aka- agreements around yelling or cursing? Have you noticed relationship dynamics change over the last few decades with technology? Do you see a correlation between technology and relationships changing?

What have you learned by being in business together? What is one of the biggest things you hear couples in general struggle with? Jim Sharon is a licensed psychologist and coach for committed couples seeking to evolve their love relationship. Jim has over 40 years of professional experience serving thousands of couples in counseling, relationship coaching, seminars, and retreats.

Do you start your morning connected, peaceful and inspired? Or do you start in a rush A common question we receive from couples is about how to start the morning, how to set daily intentions TOGETHER and how to do this in a short period of time, even 10 minutes. Have: 3 ways to proactively start your morning as a couple to be effective, productive and high vibe. Feel: Peaceful and empowered to start your day together. You will know just how to handle one person being a saver and one being a spender to have your money work for you.

You will have powerful stories and principles about money, parenting and marriage; leaving you feeling peace and connection with your partner as you go on this journey of marriage together. Michael, how did you feel when she asked you for full-time help in the business? How can couples have an easier transition into going into business together?

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How can couples be more open and transparent with the roles at home? What challenges do most couples run into with money? Do money patterns come from inheriting them from our family or parents? Is it ok to have one partner in a marriage be the spender and one the saver?

The Empowered Musician Podcasts

If not, causes too much conflict, how do they overcome this money mentality? He was able to join his wife Kelsa in her financial coaching business full time two years ago and loves working together as a couple. Kelsa is the saver of the relationship. She grew up seeing her single mother constantly stressed over money and new that she wanted to help people never feel the same stress her mother felt.

In addition to running Fiscal Fitness together, they are committed parents and incredible partners to each other. Resources: After the interview, also connect with them more at www.

Empowering Your Employees to Empower Themselves

You will love this interview and the principles around money they share. Connect with them today: www. How is it that a couple would make it on the UK list of top 10 most empowered couple? This is the mark of a power couple. Listen in to discover how you can leverage your different skills to work, play and live together effectively and successfully. Questions asked in this interview How did you combine your goals and decide to work together?

Are you able to balance business and romance or do they blend together? How did you two become one of the top 10 Power Couples in the U. How do you keep fun and play alive in your relationship while also building the business? The importance of having a diverse group of couples friends. The power of emotional awareness and a hug during tough times. How to make your partner a priority and making sure you have their back. They have been named one of the U.

PDF Running (The Empowered Series Book 1)

They are parents of two kids and have a passion for travel, and they make sure to travel for weeks out of every year. The "American Dream" has always been to live in America as the land of opportunity. It was about the ability to have a family you love, move into a great house, drive a nice car, be friends with you neighbor and raise a family. Is this still your American Dream or is this an "inherited dream" passed along to you by someone else? In this episode the Freemans explore what it really means to live the American Dream and to create a future for you and your relationship that is created by you and not just given to you.

Questions asked in this interview 1 What is your version of the American Dream? In this episode you will learn: We are all meant to be creators of our own unique experience of life. We do not just react to life's circumstances but we use the events in life to create our own vision when we have clarity on our relationship purpose. Quotes: "It is not about the creation, but about the creating in life. Getting to know one's spiritual beliefs usually happens pretty early on in a relationship.

Its one of those foundations of a relationship where most feel their beliefs must match a potential partner. There are times in established relationships, where an individuals spiritual beliefs change and now may be different from their partners. This can seem difficult to navigate as it seems to people as something that must be "overcome". In this episode the Freemans dive into how to have a relationship continue and to thrive even when spiritual beliefs may not be the same.

Questions asked in this interview 1 Can you, as a finite human being, truly and fully understand the infinite? If not is it possible that even your own beliefs of spirituality are not completely understood or necessarily right or wrong? In this episode you will learn: None of us completely know or experience God, Source or the infinite, so its not about having to have the same exact view as your partner. Its more about seeing your spiritual differences as a way to more deeply know each other and have an even more complete experience of spirituality through conversations with your partner.

Quotes: "Do you fully understand how even a blade of grass works in its entirety? When you first enter into a relationship, isnt one for the first obstacles how to create your combined friends together? Each individual has their friendships coming into a relationship and sometimes deciding how to merge the two, or which ones to spend time with becomes a significant question for the growth of a relationship.

In this episode the Freemans cover the Social aspect of a relationship and how to create a group of friends that support the grow of your relationship vision and have a community that supports both of you!

Empath Empowerment® Books by Rose Rosetree

Questions asked in this interview 1 Do we try and merge our individual groups of friends together into one group? In this episode you will learn: How to create a balanced social life together as you form your relationship. How to assess and determine the types of friendships that will best support the growth of your relationship and not be a hindrance. Quotes: "Your friendships are like your fourth grade teacher. There are times when you have learned what there is to learn, and you graduate to your next teacher. Does the honeymoon phase just go away after some period of time?

Is that only in the beginning? Is that only in dating? Is that only when you first get married or is there something we can shift? Is it something we can have the experience of, dare I say for our whole relationship? Together the Freemans dive into the conversation around experiencing the excitement and joy of being in a relationship as the new normal! Questions asked in this interview What really is the experience of the "honeymoon phase" in a relationship?

In this episode you will learn: 1 The honeymoon phase is just the level of uncertainty within your relationship. That you can intentionally elevate all throughout your relationship together. Quotes: "As human beings we are program to survive, so being in a relationship for a certain period of time becomes a default part of our life. I was taught that I was supposed to save as much as I could and that brought me security. Hence why we talk about what is your meaning of money as a couple, as a couple, but even as an individual inside of your relationship.

Is it for security? Is it for status as a for enjoyment or control, and for me, I went to my engineering job, I earned a salary and it was all about stockpiling. It was about making that savings account as big as possible because it brought me a sense of security and can I say that I had a lot of enjoyment around money? No, not really at all. And when I went to purchase by invest into things like clothes or shoes, it was very difficult for me to actually kind of let go actually as I think about this. Contributing and giving to other people was very difficult because now with my mindset stockpiling for security, I always saw items from myself or giving to others as reducing what I had.

Questions asked in this interview What does money really mean to you? Are you thinking too short term about money and what you want to experience? In this episode you will learn: Setting up money buckets How to shift your mindset around money to attract more. Quotes: "Saving and enjoying money happen at the same time!

What an honor it is to connect with Sandy and Lon in this episode, as not only have they committed themselves to a 54 year marriage, but they have given their past 15 years to helping couples design their own relationship. Relationships are all about growth as individuals and as a couple, so join us as Sandy and Lon share about how to "challenge" your partner to grow outside their comfort zone.

Questions asked in this interview What would you say is the purpose of a romantic relationship? What do you see is one of the biggest challenges in the current idea of relationships? If a couple feels their life is far off from their ideal design, where can they begin? How can you challenge your partner to grow, when uncomfortable or reach any limitation? How do you handle tense conversations or disagreements?

Empowered Volume 4 by Adam Warren: | Books

Does it get easier over time? Is there anything you wish you could go back and tell yourselves 20 years ago? In this episode you will learn: What the highest level intention is for your relationship. How to "challenge" your partner to grow beyond their comfort zone to strengthen your relationship. They bring 53 years of marriage, plus their experience as parents of two daughters and six grandchildren. Lon and Sandy have the unique skill to listen intently and compassionately to engage people in being full partners to generate new opportunities in their relationships. They are dedicated to you experiencing being intimately related, appreciated and fulfilled.

Questions asked in this interview: How did you two meet? Why do you believe people pursue relationship? Why do they want them? What are some ways you keep it fun and light when it could have instead turned into a serious moment? How do you two play together? In this episode you will learn: How Anaiya met Pete literally at her doorstep when she lived in the middle of nowhere miracles are real.

Some practical masculine and feminine differences. She carries an Oral Transmission from the Sacred Feminine Mysteries which she weaves into all her gatherings. She co-authored several incredible books, including our personal favorite: Sacred Relationships a must read. He brings to relating the ever-deepening quest for personal truth, integrity with courage and the determination it takes to face his own Shadows as the only true route through which he and we can open to the Light and Mystery of Love.

It is on our hearts to speak on this topic about "What if my partner and I want different things? This may seem like a depressing question to have come up, as it gives the feeling of "SHOOT" are we not on the same page? This can even lead to the thought of: "is this not the right relationship for me?

We are not the same people form year to year so why would your relationship stay the same? This question just points to that its time to revisit and clarify what you both desire and how that fits into your vision together. Questions asked in this interview: 1 What is your Partnership Vision Statement? In this episode you will learn: 1 Its about asking better questions 2 The importance of clarity around your vision together 3 If something doesn't seem to be working, go more general 4 Its all about growth, so find out what area in life your partner is interested in growing themselves.

This can be anything! I felt guided to talk today about a question I've received from several women this week funny enough how it's shown up so much recently from both single women AND women in relationships: "Am I expecting too much from him? In my marriage sometimes I catch myself asking if I have unrealistic expectations.

In this episode I offer you two different questions to ask yourself to find out if you are expecting too much from him AND what you can do about it. Questions asked in this interview: How do I know if I am expecting too much from him? A friend asked me recently, "I know you are about having other couples fulfill their dreams together. But why are relationships so important to you? What I ended up rediscovering is that I honestly believed at one point that not only would I probably never get married, but I would be single forever.

My specific religious upbringing rooted fear around premarital sex and with so much evidence that I wasn't desired being broken up with, cheated on and in one moment, feeling I had no support from my parents gave me the belief that I was all alone in a dangerous world. Questions asked in this interview: 1 What beliefs have been limiting you from creating the relationship that fulfills both of your dreams together?

In this episode you will learn: Thankfully, none of us are products of the circumstances that have come up in our lives. However there are many things that may have happened to you in the past that have created beliefs about yourself that are totally false. However they have been running your life like they are the reality.