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Johnson, Maye, White Earn All-ACC Honors - University of North Carolina Athletics

Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. No Chris Paul? No Walter Davis? What is this guy, blind? Actually, he's neither. Dan Collins was already immersed in ACC basketball the day in he and the Carmichael Auditorium faithful lustily booed the visiting South Carolina Gamecocks, the conference villains of his student days.

Redick to old-timers including Len Chappell and Ronnie Shavlik.

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  6. Dean Smith fought for integration!

But others are nearly forgotten gems, like Lou Pucillo, the five-nine high-school benchwarmer discovered playing against the Philadelphia School for the Blind and Deaf. Smith spoke up on behalf of black friends trying to cope with real estate agents who were steering them away from white neighborhoods, and four years before he signed Scott -- and right after he took the North Carolina job -- Smith tried to make Lou Hudson the first black player in the ACC.

Hudson reportedly didn't meet the school's academic requirements and enrolled at Minnesota.

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  • But the man who led North Carolina to 11 Final Four appearances and two national titles never thought he deserved a Gatorade bath or ticker-tape parade for supporting equal opportunity and showing a little common decency along the way. I asked Patton that day if he felt the way Nolan Richardson felt about Rupp's place in history "I'll sleep much better knowing Dean's the man," the Arkansas coach had said and if he thought it was fitting a progressive thinker like Smith was the one to knock out the Kentucky coach who preferred to keep his sport as segregated as Old South water fountains and schools.

    Of course, Smith passed on the opportunities given him to criticize Rupp and the colleagues who shared his prehistoric beliefs; he was never one to revel in another man's flaws. Jordan called him "my second father" in his statement, yet Smith's affection for Tar Heels who never rose to Jordan-esque heights notarized him as the ultimate players' coach. On the occasion of Smith's retirement in October , Derrick Phelps, a good-but-not-great college player, said by phone that his coach forever tracked him down to offer a helping hand.

    They're always like, 'I wish my college coach still cared about me. It always seemed that Smith had more friends than Will Rogers could count. The night that the freshman, Jordan, made the shot in the Superdome, right before Georgetown guard Fred Brown threw a pass to North Carolina's James Worthy, Smith showed his dignity and grace like never before. The Tar Heels coach had every reason to wildly celebrate his breakthrough; he had been to six previous Final Fours without winning a ring and had become a frequent target of critics wondering why his cherished system couldn't win the big one.

    I probably would have been running around yelling and hollering, but his thoughts were to come to his friend because he knew how I felt. Two years after losing to the Tar Heels in that final, Thompson became the first black coach to win the national championship. He had been an assistant for Smith with the United States team that won a gold medal at the Montreal Olympics in , four years after the North Carolina coach helped him land the job at Georgetown.

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    So Smith helped changed the face of college basketball in more ways than one. Smith was much better off on his college campus, speaking out against war, encouraging his players to develop a voice on political and social issues, and moving those around him a few steps closer to the ideal of a colorblind society.

    He recruited Charles Scott to North Carolina, invited the player into his integrated church and defended him against racist fans. To help make this website better, to improve and personalize your experience and for advertising purposes, are you happy to accept cookies and other technologies? We will respond to the notice using facts and evidence to present a full picture of our case. Although we may identify some instances in the NCAA's notice where we agree and others where we do not, we are committed to continue pursuing a fair and just outcome for Carolina.

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    We have implemented more than 70 reforms and initiatives to ensure and enhance academic integrity. We will continue to monitor the effectiveness of those measures and, wherever needed, put additional safeguards in place.

    go to site An independent investigation released in October found evidence directly tying years of no-show classes at the University of North Carolina to a scheme that helped hundreds of athletes — including football and men's basketball players — raise their GPA and stay eligible over a period of nearly two decades.