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Working Out, Working Within will nourish and exercise the spirit while showing readers what "ultimate" sports and living really are. Without question, a runner's mindset can have a dramatic effect upon performance. In this presentation, Jerry Lynch shares with you mental training tools to assure you that your mindset is one that positively enhances your performance.

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In a candid discussion with a group of runners, Lynch explores common mental roadblocks that runners experience including confidence in competition, the importance of desire in performing, how to take successful training runs into competition, how to stay mentally strong and positive during a race, the importance of process vs.

In each of these areas, Lynch offers practical mental training solutions to help overcome the specific mental obstacles that you may be experiencing. In addition, Lynch demonstrates a series of activities that reinforce the idea that positive thinking truly does impact an athlete's performance and resolve to compete. There are two kinds of athletes: those who are injured and those who will become injured. In the competitive arena, even the smallest injury can be absolutely devastating to an athlete - both physically and mentally. In this presentation, Sport Psychologist Dr.

Jerry Lynch is joined by other professionals coaches and trainers who are not only charged with asking him the important questions that are on every coach's mind, but who also share their own wide range of experiences with injured athletes within their athletic programs. Lynch's insight and expertise is based on his interactions with thousands of athletes throughout his career.

He sheds light on the emotional, mental and psychological components of the injury process in an effort to minimize and cope with the unavoidable injuries that arise. In addition, he shares his suggestions for the treatment of injuries, no only physiologically, but psychologically as well. Lynch, with the help of other professionals, provides you with the tools you need to create a positive, proactive management plan to help an injured athlete heal physically and mentally. In this incredible series, Sport Psychologist, athlete, international speaker, corporate consultant, and author Jerry Lynch shares a complete guide predominantly for coaches and also athletes to help them help their athletes learn and develop the habits of champions.

Lynch's credo is that of developing "A Champion's Soul with a Winner's Heart", and shares concepts and hands-on activities with teams that will afford a coach the blueprint for teaching how to implement and maintain a team culture for accountability and commitment in order to help the team attain its highest potential. Disc 1, "Having the Right Stuff" is the cornerstone of this 5 DVD series that provides the base upon which all of the other presentations are built. Would you like to help your athletes to become mentally stronger?

Do you want to learn how to inspire your athletes to play their very best? Lynch teaches how the true nature of a champion lies not only in one's mind but in one's heart as well. It adds a new dimension to my coaching. How to use The Circle as an effective team meeting device 2. Ways to help your team decrease anxiety, regulate emotions, strengthen focus 3. How to help the athletes to be mentally tougher and accelerate learning 4. Ways to teach athletes how self-inspiration can facilitate good performance 5. To understand the concept of readiness as it relates to athletes progression 6.

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How to help athletes become ready to learn from your coaching. You will learn how to develop the ability to get on the same page with your athletes in order to have greater influence with them, thus creating a stronger environment of trust and respect for you as a coach. Knowing yourself as a person and athlete is more important than knowing your opponent.

This DVD on self-awareness deals with the athletes looking at themselves to maximize their potential. How to help athletes become more aware of their strengths and weaknesses 8. Ways to help your players get stronger within 9. To teach your athletes how to write their own competitive story and to live it to their fullest How to show athletes how to change their personal dislikes to positive attributes for greater success How to help athletes change self-talk to boost confidence and performance To help athletes compete without regrets.

According to Jerry, a major concept in strategic positioning is to understand that competition is a process. Goal driven athletes tend to focus on the result while being oblivious to the day-to-day process. The first activity, "Sending a Message", kicks off this session. When you show up to compete your opponent looks at you and what is seen will often determine the outcome.

The purpose of the exercise is to effectively and efficiently send a strong message to your opponent about your intent. Jerry teaches athletes how to ensure their message is sent and received through visualization and affirmation, two critical components of strategic positioning. The next activity is called "Checking In", used within 24 hours after competition. Its purpose is to give the team concrete ideas for improvement. Champions need positive and constructive critique, even after victory.

By specifically defining the areas of improvement, athletes and teams can take steps toward improvement and ultimate success. Activity three, "Raising the Bar", is designed to increase the intensity of practices. Athletes focus on what they are willing to start doing that differs from their normal routine.

This exercise helps athletes see that the only thing keeping them from dynamic positive change is themselves. How to pave the road to victory with tactical strategic positioning To prepare your team so that the competition is won before the battle begins How to send your opponent a strong message about your team's intentions This means the race will not pass through Bainbridge, Hawes, Buttertubs, Muker, Gunnerside, Reeth and Grinton Moor, but the peloton will still take on the first of the planned climbs, Kidstones, 60km into the race.

Riders will now also take on nine laps of the Harrogate finishing circuit, increased from the planned seven laps, to make the distance km. With 14 kilometres repeated nine times — with multiple lumps and tight turns — should make the race more selective than the Tour stage, which ended in a bunch sprint.

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The lumpy theme continues in the time trials, with the men set to ride an undulating 54km route from Northallerton to Harrogate and the women, after a straightforward first 15km, facing two laps of the testing Harrogate circuit, making their 32km outing no picnic either. Instead of the current trade team format, it will be contested by national teams split into three men and three women. Run over two laps of the Harrogate circuit, the men will ride theirs first, with the women starting as soon as the men cross the finish line.

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She faces competition from Yorkshire raised Lizzie Deignan Trek-Segafredo , who took the honour in and has stated her aims to win again. Clip in and enjoy it. If you fancy diverting all the hard work to pushing the pedals, then look no further than the sportives organised by our sister company, UK Cycling Events. Their October ride, starting in Ripon, will take in the incredibly lumpy roads of North Yorkshire, weaving through the moors and guiding you to the best roads the area has to offer.

Routes vary from 40 to miles, and every rider will enjoy well stocked feed stations, mechanical support, chip timing and more. Ancient buildings and monasteries are just as much an appeal of Yorkshire as its sublime landscape.

Think quintessential English village roads: narrow, hedgerows, ducking in and out of forest cover. Turn left on to Knaresborough Road and at the approaching crossroads continue straight as you pass through Bishop Monkton. After crossing over Apron Lane, turn right and after two kilometres merge onto Stainley Lane, before turning right onto Brearton Lane. Stone walls and farms frame the view as you ride through Nidd, just a matter of minutes from Ripley. Pull into 14th-century castle in the village that is home to the highly acclaimed and ever-popular tea room.

Set in the middle of a charming garden and parks, it is a mythical-looking castle that will have Instagram users impressing their followers with their pictures. After the last rider has passed, the B towards Bedlam will temporarily reopen and you are to use this time window. After just a few hundred metres, turn right onto Scarah Bank that leads into Hebden Bank.

Expect sheep grazing on farms, expansive greenery and very little noise. It is here, as you pass Warren Forest Park, you will experience your first climb: a three-kilometre slog that gains 80 metres with a middle section of 12 per cent. As you begin to ease, follow signs for Brimham Rocks. A spectacular site of rocks moulded into peculiar and weird shapes that looks like it belongs in Utah, this writer frequented the National Trust sites throughout their childhood, once getting stuck in a wedge between two rocks for what felt like an eternity to a thenyear-old.

Enjoy a coffee at the site as you admire the formations.

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Exit the car park, turn right and then follow Brimham Rocks Road for 5. There will be a road blockage here as the women turn left to Clint Bank Being forced to brake as they turn will allow you ample time to get a close shot of the rides. Cheer them on before you turn left onto the winding Pye Lane towards Bishop Thornton once again. Cross over the T-junction towards Markington, ride past How HIll, and Fountains Lane will takae you into Faountains Abbey, an 11th-century monastery, which is just five kilometres from Ripon.

Rohan Dennis will defend his time trial title on a course that is undulating but devoid of any major climbing, a profile that is vastly different to our day in the North Yorkshire Dales. Climbing is the order of the day, and the first 20km are progressively uphill as you leave west from Ripon on the B, turning right onto Galphay Lane, away from the traffic and into the countryside. After riding through the village of Galphay, turn right onto Warren Lane and head for the pretty village of Laverton.

You will steadily climb back towards the B that will take you into beautiful Pateley Bridge, listed by the Sunday Times as one of the best places to live in the north.

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