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February of the eighteenth year of the Society saw Sir Hugo, the first native King of northland blood, depart with his lady Rowena for the Kingdom of An Tir. Over one hundred people attended and took great delight in consuming a gingerbread fortress. On April 28 th , the people of the north held an arts and sciences competition at which many wonderful works were shown. Many awards were granted to recognize the skills of their crafters.

Somewhere around this time the Shire of Noergate was first founded. Thus she became the first Master of this art within the Kingdom. On the sixteenth day of June, the canton of Ben Dunfirth held a two-day tournament for the practice of martial skills in anticipation of war once again in the Debatable Lands. The Murder Melee in the Meadow is still held to this day.

At this same event the three miracles of St. Sylard were performed. What these miracles may have been are unknown to this scribe. This same St. Sylard would one day have a convent dedicated to him, known as the Daughters of St. Also in June, Ben Dunfirth fathered a new group calling itself Trinovantius. This group would go on to become the Shire of Trinovantia Nova. Furthermore, the canton began to publish its first newsletter, known as the Clarion. Lord Tarver the Pole, known long for his great height, strength and skill at the arts of peace and war, did craft a mighty shield.

This shield was given unto the Baroness of Septentria, and Caffa painted it with the arms of the Princess of the Middle Kingdom. This shield was then given to Princess Fern de la Foret, and she bore it into battle. Septentria and Skraeling Althing, though both separate and individual entities, had both been born from the same soul and the same heart. At this point in time, these lands had been lumped into a land mass known as Pentamer by the Midrealm Curia Regis. Sir Finnvarr de Taahe then wrote an impassioned letter to the people regarding choosing a new name and designing arms for their region.

The proposed region would not be an official geographic area recognized by the Society, but the people felt a sense of unity and wanted to express it. An honorable committee was founded to organize a tournament to select a champion and consort to represent the region.

Under his captaincy, the northland forces took the north bridge as the Middle Kingdom won the battle. In the woods battle the Septentrian and Skraeling forces were set to guard a back road with only a small force. To their surprise the entire Eastern army marched along that same road and they fought a pitched and hopeless battle. Though the northland force was decimated, they fought gloriously and to the end.

Robert was recognized for his skill at calligraphy and illumination, while Enid was being honoured for her cooking.

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In September, news was received that Ben Dunfirth would once again be a full fledged and recognized canton. In October they held a harvest festival to celebrate this news. On the tenth day of March a second moot was called for further discussion of the proposed region. The name proposed for the region was Ealdormere, and Septentria was strong in its support of the endeavour.

The next month the region held an Arts and Sciences Decathlon on the thirteenth day. The event was hosted by the canton of Vest Yorvik and is most memorable for it was on this day that the wolf was selected as the animal to represent the Region of Ealdormere. At this time all others who wished to grace the lists of the Regional Championship Tourney declared themselves and their consorts.

In all, eighteen good gentles declared themselves. One of these, Iago, also called Yog the Undesirable or Yog Rhys Mordwyn, was admitted though he was not armigerous, and this was a requirement. Twelve other members of the populace stood and attested to his virtue and with this done, he could partake in the tourney. At this time Rising Waters was growing at a large rate. It is a well known fact that Fiona held a special place in her heart for elephants. This year also saw the founding of the Chalice Calligraphers Guild in the canton. On the twentieth day of July in the twentieth year of the Society, Eoforwic celebrated its tenth anniversary.

Yog, he who has been mentioned before, was late to arrive and almost missed the tournament completely.

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  • The rules of the lists were scrupulously held to and many fighters had to cut their shields down to the required size. The fighting was honourable but fierce, and truly one good gentle received such a resounding blow to his most important piece of armour that it was split in twain. The collars of state were brought forth and the populace marveled. Mordreth, with the assistance of Sylard, had upon the collars depicted such things as the four elements, the Tree of Life, the Bear of Septentria, the Hare of Skraeling Althing, the Wolf of Ealdormere and many more symbols besides.

    In May, Murder Melee was again held, and at this event a new household was born, known as the Greater Freehold of the Fighters of Rozak, better known as the Rozakii. This inter-kingdom household would go on to produce many Kings and Queens of Ealdormere, as well as members of the Order of Chivalry, the Laurel and the Pelican. Murder Melee this year became a battlefield in a literal sense as the event steward and Lord Yog, who both resided in Ben Dunfirth, disagreed over the scope of the event.

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    Moria the Black she who would later spearhead the Kingdom bid as Principality Seneschal had chosen a theme for the event as a Septentrian Baronial War Practice with the permission of the Baron and Baroness of Septentria. Advertisements and invitations for the event had already been issued, as well as scheduling arranged. Discord erupted with the group about whether or not the Regional Champions had the right to make such a decision, to change an event theme without the permission of the host group or event steward.

    Though Ben Dunfirth did not want to re-do all of the work that had already been done, they were not against the idea of making Murder Melee a Regional War Practice in the future, and offered to incorporate that theme the next year. However, they were against the idea that the Regional Champion had the right to demand an event be changed and take to it over. This conflict ended up causing division and strife in the canton, as the Regional Champion and Consort both resided in Ben Dunfirth.

    The Baron and Baroness of Septentria were asked to resolve the conflict, and gathered Ben Dunfirth together at an event in Vest Yorvik in February to discuss the matter. Their Excellencies stated that the event should be as its autocrat wished, but asked the people of Ben Dunfirth to try and support the region.

    The people agreed, but asked what rights and duties the champion and consort had and what obligations in the performing of these duties were to be conveyed? Did the Regional Champion and Consort have the right to demand a group do something, or just to request it? Once again hostilities had broken out between the Middle and East Kingdoms and the people of the region of Ealdormere marched to war. In the field battle, Yog, the new champion of the Region, made a glorious final stand. For there was much bloodshed upon the field as bodies fell to lie on the earth.

    The East, not wishing to be unchivalrous, agreed to battle the remaining two soldiers in single combat. James fought first and was killed. Yog then battled long and hard and defeated many men until at long last he fell. This war saw the first appearance of the scarlet tabards of Septentria. They had been made by Domenica of Welfengau and featured the golden bear. The fighters also bore scarlet cords, plaited by Hannorah and her ladies as tokens. Also at this war Septentria began its long tradition of bearing much guard duty of the Midrealm royal encampment.

    Septentria continues this tradition to this day, though now they help guard the Ealdormere Royal encampment. In September Yog began his tradition of giving the most promising fighter in a tourney a sword and gauntlet. The swords were red-hilted, and the gauntlets decorated in brass. This began at a Tournament of Romance in Der Welfengau. At this time, James MacAndrews became the Septentrian baronial champion, though this was never an official title.

    At a tournament held by Vest Yorvik in February, the Trillium Herald, Fiona Avril of Maidenhead, decided that the reproductive organ of the golden Septentrian bear should be blue thenceforth. This gilding would fall in and out of practice over the years. In this same month two letters from Ealdormere came by messenger to the king of the Middle Kingdom, who was at this time Alan Elegil. Normally, such a letter would be welcome news, but rather than suggest these individuals be recognized, the regional consort demanded they be recognized.

    She also advised the king about individuals she felt should not receive awards. In addidition to these missives, the king received word from other regions within his kingdom that were demanding special rights for their regional representatives. When the King of the Dragon Thrones read these letters he felt his kingdom was becoming unstable and crumbling around him and that regionalism was proving detrimental to the kingdom as a whole.

    Elegil then struck down the idea of regions, by calling his officers some claim the minimum number of officers necessary to enact a law, a law which prohibited any geographic area within the kingdom from calling itself a region, or by a regional name, or to chose for itself a champion. As the king was a;ready planning to attend a different event, the duty to announce this edict to the people of Ealdormere fell to his Prince, Palymar of the Two Baronies, and his Pale Herald, Mistress Graidhne. Though the Middle Kingdom Seneschal, the Countess Genevieve, was also present at the event, she was unable to attend this announcement.

    When told they could no longer be a region, the folk of Ealdormere were confused, angry and distraught. They knew not why they were being so punished. If they had erred against the king, should they have not had a chance to atone before being so punished? Those present returned to Septentria and Skraeling Althing and word spread throughout the land.

    There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. To this day there are Ealdormereans who refuse to speak the name of this king. Stories such as the Washroom Curia began to spread as the anger of the Northfolk burned hotly in their bellies. The members of the Curia have therefore oft been demonized in the lupine lands, though this is not necessarily warranted. The Dragon Herald said that James was unable to hold the office as he was an Eastern herald, though all knew this was no longer so. Many grumbled that James was being punished for proposing the formation of the Principality of Ealdormere.

    Though the idea of Ealdormere was now an outlawed thing, still it lived on in the hearts of all the north folk, especially in those who lived in Septentria. Indeed, Lord Alistair Kirk of Inness points out that this proscription helped formalize the animal totem of Ealdormere.

    In June a tournament was held in the Barony of Skraeling Althing. The winner of this tournament was to be the champion of Septentria, Skraeling Althing and Noergate. His consort was Lady Deirdre of Carlysle. Also in June the third Murder Melee was held, and though its planning had been tumultuous, the event was very successful. At the Pennsic War, as the generals met to plan strategy, Duke Laurelin Darksbane, Baron of the Cleftlands, was asked what troops he would have under his command.

    Though the forces of Septentria would be lost in the coming battles due honour was paid the barony as their warriors were amongst those most sought after during that war.

    At this same war, Baroness Caffa was made a companion of the Order of the Laurel for her carving and she was showered with laurel leaves. Also, Septentrians continued their traditions as guards, and verily when someone passed by the Middle Kingdom encampment it was invariably Septentrians guarding the gate. By November King Alen was long gone.

    Indeed, their Majesties gave the Spear of the Middle Kingdom into the keeping of the Barony of Septentria at this time. On April 29 th , Morgana bro Morganwyg was elevated to the Order of the Laurel for her skill in the bardic arts. Though she dwelled in many kingdoms, she always considered Ealdormere to be her home. Also during this year, some residents of Ben Dunfirth, who did not feel comfortable among the other residents of their canton, began to gather in the village of Stoney Creek.

    This included Lord Yog, Hannorah, and members of their household. A new canton, called Steinbach, was founded in May. It was near the Stoney Creek , by Ben Dunfirth. Like many others this canton enjoyed brief prosperity then faded from our histories. Only two people in attendance that day gave gifts unto the Queen. There was a rivalry that year between Septentria and Trimaris at the Pennsic War, for the East Kingdom had given camping land to Trimaris that Septentria claimed as its own.

    Here too did a call go out for all the squires of the Middle Kingdom to form an honour guard for Eislinn, daughter of Emrys and Emmelynne, and Queen to Talymar III who was mortally ill. So great was their love of the Queen that Septentrians who were not squires rallied to her banner. Each person who fought for the Queen was presented with a token. Thorbjorn Osis Brandson, of beloved memory, fought in that august company and counted it as one of his proudest moments. The Guard fought well and bravely under the leadership of Sir Fernanda de la Foret, an old friend of Ealdormere.

    This Order was closed upon the end of her reign. For long had Baron Aedan na Kincora toasted hall and field with brew of his own distilling. His skill was here recognized by the Crown, and Aedan was elevated to the Order of the Laurel. In the fall, the Canton of Rising Waters mourned the loss of one of their most loved members, Lady Mary Campbell of Inverary, who passed away after a brief illness. In the cold winds of December the cantons of Rising Waters, Ben Dunfirth and Steinbach talked of joining together to form a new barony.

    Before this could happen, Moria the Black had to assure the Society Steward, Hilary of Serendip, that Steinbach was a separate canton from Ben Dunfirth, and not simply a political sub-set within Ben Dunfirth. This she was able to do. The King, and his queen, Elen, did put Thyrm on probation, and made matters clear that if he displeased them again during that time he would be stripped of his office. At the yearly Twelfth Night, a moot was held at which the people of the northlands, which called their land Ealdormere, found themselves resolved to place a Prince from amongst their number to rule over them.

    That very next month word came that Duchess Eislinn, who had been in ill health, had passed away. Eislinn, of blessed memory, was a true friend of all the people of Ealdormere. New friendships were formed, and the canton was strengthened.

    A new seneschal, Myrra, was made, and she was a friend to the north. This tournament is still held to this day. In fact, Aedan left an indelible mark upon the new Principality, a mark that is still with us to this day. Around that same fire another Ealdormerean tradition was begot by Septentrians or so the story goes. Forever after, this would be how Ealdormereans referred to their Majesties and Highnesses, as that of Lupine.

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    Fiona asked Graidhne to procure a charter, and she went to James MacAndrews, who had first made the proposition in print, and he drafted a charter. And Myrra did go unto the king and begged for a charter for the Principality of Ealdormere to be drafted. To this the king agreed and the charter was produced. The Society Steward was the final person to be consulted, and this steward was Sir Hilary of Serendip, who had proposed years ago to James that Ealdormere should become a Principality. So it can be seen that the stars were right, and the will of the land was with Ealdormere, for in every office Ealdormere did find a friend.

    Naon was elevated for hiss kill at the harp; Stephen for carving. The same year that Ealdormere was recognized as a Principality, the Barony of Septentria once again gave birth to a child. On November 26 th , the Barony of Rising Waters was formed from the vine-rich lands to the southeast. A new unnamed newsletter later known as the Tidings began to be published for the principality. For both served not only as Baron and Baroness, but also as officers. At dispute was Navy Island and the fishing rights in the Niagara River.

    Rising Waters carried the day, forcing the Hael to take the fishing rights, as no one wanted to eat fish out of the Niagara River. It is said that Aedan led Ealdormere to glorious victory, though the War itself was lost. Jan 2 nd saw Tsvetan Arinsson elevated to the Order of the Laurel for his skill at dance. As he was too ill to attend an event, the King and Queen came to his deathbed to recognize him before he succumbed to his illness. These inaugrial taxes were for each person in the barony to write up a history for their persona. During this year, people began to build in the lands known as Sarnia.

    This settlement would eventually grow into the Shire of the March of St. This same Syr David would later go on to even greater things, and more of him is written elsewhere in this chronicle. After his victory in the list, having faced Yog Rhys Mordwyn, David and his consort, Tangwystl, were invested as the Prince and Princess of Ealdormere. The Principality Laws were read into court, and they were lavished with gifts. During this year the people in the mundane locality of St. Catherines, within the Barony of Rising Waters, ruminated on founding a new canton.

    At Murder Melee the first official Principality Awards were given. At the Pennsic War, Barony Nordskogen learned that they were camping on ancestral Septentrian ground. Finding some relics of a dead giant which looked remarkably like chicken bones , they returned them to Septentria with much pomp and ceremony. That she could breath fire after doing so is considered to be apocryphal. Lady Rhiannon of Wye was raised to the Order of the Laurel for her skill at the harp. Calntir officially aligned itself with Ealdormere, and they marched onto the battlefield together. David and Tangwystl retired from the thrones and became the first Viscount and Viscountess of Ealdormere.

    This was Osric Caertinn na Conchullain and his lady, Cualgne, and they rediscovered the ruins of Noerlanda.

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    Perhaps not knowing that winter is not the best time of year for construction they nevertheless began to rebuild this long-dead canton. To aid them they found Ursula na Clan na Rath, now a Baroness of the Court, and a surviving member of doomed Noerlanda. When the construction was complete around November, they stood back and looked at their work and they knew it to be good. Rather than again calling the canton Noerlanda, the populace called it the College of Skeldergate though now it is a canton. This land of owls would become known for the strength of its fighters, and would give birth to the Hrogn fra Osis, the personal household of Duke Sir Thorbjorn Osis Brandson and Duchess Mistress Caitlin Stuart.

    At the time I scribe these words, one Drachenwald and four Ealdormerean kings have come from the canton of Skeldergate. Also that winter the canton of Vest Yorvik thought upon trying to achieve baronial status in its own right.

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    However, the proper procedures were not followed, the idea was struck down, and the people of Vest Yorvik did not pursue the matter. In April of the twenty-fifth year of the Society, a group of archers set forth from Eoforwic and founded a settlement to the east upon cliffs overlooking the Inland Seas. These hearty and hale folk soon established a land renowned for skill at the bow, and the folk who lived in that canton called it Ardchreag or Ard Chreag. Also in April, the Order of the Bee was founded. This order was to recognize service to the Principality.

    The first members were Anne Grey and Ceallach cu Meallain. And so David became the second King of the Middle Kingdom to hail from Ealdormere; and yet still greater things awaited David in the future. Also in May, the canton of Flaming Sky seceded from Septentria and become a shire, citing geographical distance from the other cantons as cause. In this time they had both been raised to the Order of the Laurel , the Order of the Pelican, and had brought Septentria much success on the field and in the hall.

    Cordigan was a respected fighter who would one day be Prince of Ealdormere, as well as being an accomplished bard. As his lady Diane inspired him, so did he inspire his people through song and deed. Many thought the new Baron and Baroness distant, but some say they kept themselves apart as they knew upon their investiture that Septentria would soon be split, and did not want to get too close to the populace in fear of causing emotional harm when the day came.

    Cordigan and Diane supported this endeavour, and declared their intention to run for the thrones of this new barony eventually called Ramshaven. And so the eastern Septentrian lands once again looked for successors to the Ursine thrones. Around this time House Galbraith made its arrival in Septentria first making Eoforwic its home, though many members later moved to Skeldergate and Ramshaven. This House would have a long and lasting effect upon not just the barony, but the entire kingdom as it was a House of most gifted artisans that would go on to produce several members of the Order of the Laurel , a future Baron and Baroness of Septentria, and several Queens of Ealdormere.

    In September, Septentria was given a grand honour by the Crown of the Middle. For the Midlands bestowed upon the jewel of its northern lands a Purple Fretty, in recognition of the service the Barony had provided to the kingdom over the years. In February, a decision was made regarding the size of the Barony of Septentria. It was resolved to split the barony in half. Eventually, this would lead to the western half of the barony becoming the Barony of Ramshaven. On April 4 th the Coronet Tourney was again held, this time in Greyfells. Comar and Lisa agreed to this, and Caitlin was finally a Lady of the Rose.

    Also in April, the Order of the Peregrine, to recognize martial pursuits, was founded with Gunther von Wieselberg for fighting and Ricard of Sabletree for archery becoming its principals. In this year the people of Septentria searched for candidates to be the Heirs of the Ursine thrones. There was concern that Septentria would loose up to two thirds of their fighters in the proposed baronial division.

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    The competition was won by Rigunth of Bern later known as Nicolaa de Bracton. Kildare I and Catherine made Rigunth their Cupbearer. Also at this Pennsic War, the people of the Barony of Rising Waters presented new royal cloaks to the King and Queen of the Middle Kingdom, which were accepted with tears of joy.

    Moria the Black was its founding principal. Aelfwyn would later immigrate to Ealdormere. Also in January, with the assent of the Midrealm Curia, Prince Belgar and Princess Andrea changed Coronet Tourney from an open list to an invitational list, with an invitation to all members of the populace to nominate prospective combatants. This proved a controversial choice, as some felt it could pave the way for the Princes and Princesses of Ealdormere to deny entry to the Lists to those they did not like. The invitational list, however, would be retained, and would evolve over time.

    In March, a Town Council was held to discuss a number of issues, including the changes to the coronet format, fencing, newsletters and other concerns. That day also saw Baldric of the Pathless Wastes elevated to the Order of the Laurel for parchment making.

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