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Just fun with the family while constructing fanciful gingerbread houses with graham crackers, frosting, cookies, and candies of all varieties. With No-Bake Gingerbread Houses for Kids, everyone from budding gingerbread architects to accomplished food designers can have fun with this new take on an old-favorite. Every holiday and even ordinary days can be spiced up with the graham cracker building blocks. The straightforward instructions make these creations easy and enjoyable for the whole family!

Never fear, this smart cookie has a plan to outfox the fox.

17 Fun Gingerbread Books for Kids

Will it work? Now Mouse must find a new place to live. With determination, resourcefulness, and some Christmas good fortune, Mouse finds not only another house but also a place she can truly call home. He can dash past the javelinas. Then, he can giddyup right by the cattle grazing on the mesa. But what happens when he meets a coyote sleeping in the sun? Janet Squires and Holly Berry retell this classic tale with a Wild Western flair, filled with rodeo-romping fun.

When an exciting new store comes to town, Georgie the gingerbread fairy closes her shop out of fear no one will buy her gingerbread, until an unexpected problem from the new store convinces her to try again.

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What if a brave Captain Cookie stood up to Santa? A fresh, funny story that sparkles with all the excitement of a pirate adventure — and all the magic of Christmas morning. A funny and magical Christmas story about a gingerbread pirate, Captain Cookie, and his daring adventure on Christmas eve to rescue his crew from a mysterious cannibal named Santa Claus….

Gingerbread Baby and his friend, Matti, take his gingerbread band to the Christmas Festival where they are a hit until the aroma of gingerbread reaches the children, signaling that it is time to run away. Clever Matti uses snow to disguise the gingerbread instruments while Gingerbread Baby leads the audience on a merry chase to the smartest hiding place ever—a giant Christmas tree. In this modern retelling of a nursery classic, Caldecott-winning illustrator Richard Egielski adds an urban twist to a well-loved tale.

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  5. This time, the gingerbread boy is on the loose in New York City, and he taunts everyone from construction workers to subway musicians, until his fateful chase through Central Park! In her second book, this year-old author introduces us to Lila and her gingerbread friends as they travel through a magical portal to a gingerbread wonderland.

    Ten gingerbread men love bouncing everywhere. Follow the adventures of these adorable gingerbread men as they count down from 10 to 1 in this peek-through counting book with glitter accents! Confident and cocky, the Gingerbread Baby happens upon a bakery, where he dances and prances in front of a sugar cookie girl, trying to make friends. Discouraged, the Gingerbread Baby runs home, chased by a long line of hungry creatures, where Mattie has a fantastic surprise for him—gingerbread friends that fill a giant fold-out page.

    Irresistible images inside the confectionery and outside in the snowy Swiss countryside will delight Jan Brett fans. But before he can deliver his gift, whipping wind and swirling snow come to town, too. The Gingerbread Man, who lives at This book is a fun, rhyming sequel to the traditional folk tale, in a wonderfully illustrated and kind-hearted follow-up to the dramatic ending of the original story. This story follows the fox on his journey back to the bakery with his newfound desire to bake. Find out what happens when he makes an oven full of little Gingerbread Men, and whether a happier ending is in store!

    Enjoy first steps in the kitchen with Maisy and her pals. Are you crazy for Maisy? Today Maisy is busy in her kitchen. Making some delicious gingerbread for tea! Retelling of classic story in which gingerbread boy keeps running through bayou country until he is outwitted and gobbled up by an alligator.

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