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Day 3 — I spoke really fast on day 2, so make it your goal to speak slower. Nice got it. Day 4 — Speaking slower worked, so now I am going to add a pause between my hello and opener. Day 5 — Okay I am getting better and am actually excited to go out. This time I am going to stay in the conversation and not bail right after my compliment. Digits is the goal I succeeded.

How to Pick Up Girls: A Guide by Girls for Boys - VICE

Day 6 — Shit I walked around the mall for an hour yesterday before opening one girl. Got really deep in my head. Today I am going to open the first 2 girls I see no matter what they look like just to get my feet wet right away. Point 12, and it worked like magic — The first 2 girls were number closes, one of which is a very sexual 19 year old. Feeling confident. Not many girls at the mall but opened a few less attractive ones.

Sat down to eat when a hot girl in yoga pants walked up to get a salad. Opened her right in from of the guy working and she had a boyfriend.

4 Absolute Dont’s Of Picking Up Girls At The Bar

I am so happy with my progress in week 1. Baby steps will take you to the top of Mount Everest, as long as you keep taking them. My first 3 days of approaching I went out with the exact scripted lines that the guys from daygame. And I also spoke super low because I was nervous. This is why some guys can walk up and say whatever the fuck they want, because all that matters is how you say it. This will come with practice and develop naturally.

Just keep in mind it is a progression, like tennis. You will probably suck at speaking at first. Why I failed so much in the beginning was the speed of my voice. You have to speak slow. It is the golden rule, it separates failure from success. Go in with your 1 — 3 word opener, Excuse me, Hey, etc. This took a lot of approaches to beat into my brain. I went in and said excuse me, then bam just pitched my line.

It can work when you are good. But get used to pausing. If you do that, but instead just wait for her response after your excuse me before you tell her what you want. It changes everything. It immediately makes you more comfortable, it is natural and she is in the conversation. Her brain has that second pause to analyze you and the situation and you stand there calm. It works. This will take time to get down, but take your time.

Great right? But the goal is to become comfortable that lines are not used and things become natural. For me, I watched the Yad stop maybe times, and had it down in my head. Went out to do it and had a girl bump into me, and girl walk right by me, and no one stopped. What you need to do is watch some videos, find some opening styles you like, and go out and try them. Suck at them. And then modify them for what feel comfortable for you. By day 4 I realized that I was much more comfortable walking up along side the girl and simple saying excuse me to get her attention. Or approaching girls who are stopped or working behind counters, but be careful with this point So use the scripted lines, but know that they are not what works best.

But they will get you in front of girls and you will start to ease into you and your own personally style. And that brings us to the next point. When you first start your journey of picking up women, you already know you are going to suck. For me this was around day 4, and you will know when it is time for you.

Your opener will start to get a little more natural and they will laugh and say thank you. Now instead of saying have a nice day, stay in the conversation. Fight the urge to run away and stay in the conversation. The beauty of this is that you are picking up girls during the day. Not at night. Then instead of asking interview style questions, have a look at her and assume something about her. It will get her talking about herself. Keep doing this until a topic comes up that you can relate to and talk confidently about. Then when you feel that connection and comfort.

Tell her you have to go and would like to see her again. Ask for her. This is only the first week. When you get good you can worry about kiss closing.

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The conversation went something like this:. Me: Well No, I actually just came over because wanted to tell you how cute you look right now. Get her talking about herself. Me: Okay well I am going to run, but I lets get together sometime — can I have your number? Her: Sure. Done and done. This conversation went well. But if she said no, who cares — I would have been writing this article anyway and the world keeps spinning. I think it was worth the overcoming anxiety. The point is, you will get there. Just commit to going out and taking it in the face the few days.

You have to go through the shit to get to the gold. This one is tough, because you will be needy at first. You are allowed to suck. You are not needy, you are just a masculine man who is not afraid to take what he wants. So just try to not be outcome dependent at first and go up just to see what happens and for your amusement.

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Then you start to get in your head, and then 2 hours goes by and you have done nothing but get upset. Even if you ended the last day great, you will need to warm up the next one. You will need to warm up every time by just getting social, and get back into the approaching state. You have to do it to get warmed up and in state. Also chat with some shop keeps, and just start to get social. After 2 or 3 nervous warmups, you will be back ready to do good approaches.

How To Pick Up Girls With A Boner!

Be realistic, you have to warm up and get social, every single day. I would see a girl, not talk to her, and then be upset about it for days. You will realize when you start doing this that there are soooo many hot girls everywhere. They are in abundance. If you keep going out there will just be new ones just as hot tomorrow.

This key point takes the pressure off you, takes away your neediness and makes picking up hot girls so much easier. The first two numbers I got were girls who worked in the mall, one at a restaurant as the hostess and one at a kiosk right in the center of the mall. Big mistake. I am actively texting these girls for dates and shit, and now I cannot go in those ares of the mall at all to pick up girls without them seeing me do it.

Who gives a fuck what anyone else thinks. And wake up call — No one cares, honestly. They are living their own lives. Guys will just be jealous of you and girls will see your big cahones. When I got the girls Facebook at the salad bar, the guy who worked there was just listening in waiting for her order. You have to have the mindset that you are doing this for you, and for your own betterment and self amusement. If they are harsh, who cares. You will probably never see her again.

Just try it. You are going to be nervous, you are going to want to leave and get embarrassed, but just do it for a week — 5 approaches a day. And at the end of that week you will be a new man. Just push through if. It is worth it if you want to live the life you want to live. This is huge. Track your progress daily and keep notes of what you messed up on, so each day you can go back and think about what to work on. When I got to the end of week one, I felt down after getting passed by by 4 girls in a row.

So I did some research. With all the videos out there and stories of successful day gamers, it is easy to think you will just go out and sleep with whoever you want whenever you want. Is this something to be discouraged about? That means with practice you can approach girls in a week and land 6 solid dates. This stuff is fun, especially when you start getting good.

So go have fun. I listen to one before I am about to go out and pick up girls, I watch a few approach videos on youtube, then I decide what I want to work on and go do it. I find myself laughing like phff yeah I learned that today so true and stuff. It is great. People love to talk about themselves, so make sure you show her that you are interested in getting to know her better and ask her lots of questions about herself. This will help keep the conversation flowing too. If you like a girl, there is no point beating around the bush about it. Often guys who are a little nervous become so consumed by what they are saying and how they are acting that they forget to seal the deal at the end of the conversation.

Remember to get her number or ask her out on a date before she goes elsewhere! Remember, if you want to know how to pick up girls, it is super important to always treat them with respect. Girls hate feeling like they are being disrespected or leered over, so always keep that in the back of your mind and treat her well. Remembering little details for next time you meet will really impress her.

These are just as — if not more — important that the first tips. Staring comes across as creepy and weird. So, while eye contact is good, make sure you look away once in a while! Confidence and arrogance are two entirely different things — make sure you know the difference! So try to avoid them unless you are prepared to take the consequences.

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Just be cool with it and move on to someone who deserves you! By following these tips you are so much more likely to have success with women and will find your confidence begin to grow and grow. Knowing how to pick up women can actually be lots of fun. Take it well — after all, there are plenty more fish in the sea. Liked what you just read? E-mail to:. Your Name:. Your Email:. Personalized Message:.

No worries. Here are 20 fail-proof tips for how to pick up girls. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. By Bethany Locke. Share Tweet Pin It.